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Re: How to unlink old psn account from ea?

by EA_Aljo

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How to unlink old psn account from ea?

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I want to unlink the old psn account cause i dont have a ps4 anymore. I play fifa on a switch and that account is giving me issues to find opponents in seasons. They customer service here is not answering at all FrownFrown  i just bought the game and cant find opponents...

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Re: How to unlink old psn account from ea?

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Hi there, @asant90


You'll need to open a case with a live support advisor here to see if it's possible to unlink your account: If they do this, you will lose all progress on all EA games. That means any Ultimate Teams will be wiped out along with Battlefield soldiers and Apex Legends progress. Just something to keep in mind.


As far as not finding opponents goes, try power cycling your network and Switch. If that doesn't help, check your NAT type. To find what it is, go to the Settings menu on your Switch. Then go to Internet > Test Connection > NAT Type. You want this to be A or B. If it's C - F, your NAT is too strict to find opponents. You'll need to update the NAT setting on your router to open it up more.

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