How to report a cheater who's account doesn't exist?

by Sandman33930

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How to report a cheater who's account doesn't exist?

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I know already this is going to sound wierd but I just played a game in Arenas with an octane who's account just does not exist anywhere after the match I was just in. I recorded the whole game (mind you game was horrible they had aim snapping and were all using devo's lovely time, right...?) his name does not appear anywhere within either PSN where it says they're playing on nor does he appear anywhere in a stat tracker API website or app wasn't there either. I only ended up doing this after the whole bug where you can't report cheaters because it just sends you to their Psn account page yeah it wouldn't even do that it said account is unable to be found. So my conclusion was maybe it was on a different console but no wasn't on origin or Xbox. It was like he didn't exist anymore. I'm not gonna post his gamertag on here since I don't wanna do that but what am I supposed to do in the situation? I can't report my cheating, and I can't find his account in order to report through Psn (they're useless in that regard BTW). If that's a new type of cheat I've never seen used by an enemy in game before its spoofing whole account names I think it would be a good idea to inform Respawn's devs that it's occurring. 

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