How to properly update graphics card drivers

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How to properly update graphics card drivers

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I have come to notice that some people might still get issues in games even after driver updates. So for those out there who are still having issues I hope this is a possible solution.


As to my knowledge there is no perfect method for updating graphics card drivers on Windows, but I still want to share the method that has worked the best for me.


Most people update their graphics card drivers via their graphics card control center that offers them an easy automated install. I can not recommend this method especially if you have postponed the updates for a long time. The drivers are simply overwritten and not reinstalled therefor causing possible issues.


For those using an iGPU you are out of luck and I can recommend you to just wait for the latest Windows Update that should install them automatically.


1. The way I update my graphics card drivers is by going to the manufacturers website. That being IntelAMD or NVIDIA.

2. Select or autodetect your graphics card and let it download.

3. After downloading the drivers I want you to download the latest version of DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from Wagnardsoft.

4. (Optional) Boot your Windows into safe mode.

5. Run Display Driver Uninstaller.exe (It might have to unpack itself first)

6. Switch in the top right from Audio to GPU and in the second tab to your graphics card manufacturer being Intel, AMD or NVIDIA

7. Click on the Clean and Restart (Highly recommended).

8. DDU is now removing the drivers and all of it's related items. Your computer will restart and Windows might look and feel a little different. (This is normal behaviour)

9. Once the computer has restarted you can go to your downloads (or wherever else your graphics card drivers were put after downloading) and install the drivers.


That is it and I hope this has resolved some of the issues people are having with the game or other games for that matter.


*Small update: You might want to restart your PC again after the drivers have been installed. Not right after installing but wait a few minutes, do something else for example, and than restart.

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Re: How to properly update graphics card drivers

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Thanks for posting!

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Re: How to properly update graphics card drivers

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I saw this under the Known Issues thread. "Flashing/Blinking Display - High End PCs" This sounds pretty vague and usually that is a display issue and not an issue with the PC. It is common knowledge that cheaply made Freesync monitors have issues like this. The simplest fix for this is just turning your monitor off and on again. The second fix is just turning off Freesync or Adaptive sync in your monitor, Windows or Graphics Card Control Centre. Is this not an option for you because you don't like tearing? There is always good old regular vsync. Do you want faster response times? Than you can go with triple buffered vsync.

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Re: How to properly update graphics card drivers

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I've come to notice that AMD has been neglecting their driver support on older AMD cards which could be an issue for some with games that aren't playable. Apparently the modding community has come to rescue with this. Modded drivers are on my part not recommended but if this is the route AMD it's taking than I can say give it a try. I want to give a shoutout to Amernime Zone and Ancient Gameplays for shining some light on these types of issues.


Also if you are using an Intel GPU than I can recommend looking for new updates every now and than cause they are trying to improve their drivers big time.

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