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How to get refunded?

by KnekY8990

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How to get refunded?

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Dear all,


the current development of things concerning TW made myself wonder about this topic question.

As I want to stay competitive, I have discplined myself to get ready for the next Revan occurence and hoarded loads of gear / components to be able to put him G12 as soon as I unlock him. This means stopping gearing toons that I'd like to use for quite a long among of time.

I have discplined myself, spent countless hours and money to get several characters and teams ready for guild events : Chewie [hours of trying and packs], C3P0 [hours of trying and packs], Nightsisters, OR, CLS [well, old hello there and useless farmboy], JTR [useless toons that are Veterans to get this one, soooooo much crystals], Traya [hours of tries to get top scores and have more shards - still the other rewards are.. :/], Enfys Nest and Sion before they were farmable [countless crystals].

Hopefully, I could join the squad discord chat to be able to have some more crystals in the mafia. I got a tiny little arrangement with one guy who shares PO in the fleet arena [now that we are able to change PO] so I could discpline myself to stop spending money to stay in the competition.

Teams are now ready to use for the available events, still now I cannot benefit from nearly any of them as most of the teams are wrecked by the upcoming toon ban.


When you brought changes to the Nightsister Zombie you told us that the game is based on resource investments and that this could not be tolerable that a toon should not be invested in to keep it useful. Now, the proper investment in time and cash in any toons is impaired by the ban you made happen.


Hence, I am asking for a complete refund of my account. I have bought the possibility to enjoy virtual stuff you put available and now you make it impossible for me to enjoy them. This is not how this should work and this is not something that I can tolerate any longer.


Hope this message will find its proper recipient.


Best regards


KnekY 8990 - 967-824-754


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Re: How to get refunded?

Community Manager

Hi @KnekY8990,

I'm sorry to hear you are not happy with the introduction of Jedi Knight Revan or how his presence has impacted your farming preparations with toons. We do have a dedicated feedback space on the STAR WARS™: Galaxy Of Heroes forum if you'd like to make a discussion thread on there that other community members could add onto regarding the impact of Revan to toons.

On refunds, we would not be able to assist with returns for purchases made outside of Origin. Depending on what device you play STAR WARS™: Galaxy Of Heroes on you would need to get in touch with Apple or Google Play to see if you are eligible for a refund on your in-game purchases.

For STAR WARS™: Galaxy Of Heroes players: It's good to save a copy of your Player ID or Ally code for again. Sometimes we may need to locate your account to help and these codes can help us to help you. The Player ID and Ally code can only be located from inside your game so if you are locked outside you will not be able to retrieve them. I'd always advise taking down a copy of both, just in case you ever need to provide it. Standard smile

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