How to contact support for The Sims Mobile

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How to contact support for The Sims Mobile

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Answers HQ is a community where you can get help from other players and share your game experiences, but sometimes, specially for account related issues, you will need one of our advisers to help you.


If that's your case, let me explain how to do it:


  1. In-game or from your browser?

    If you can open your game
    , in-game option is the best:

    If you have issues accessing your game, we have an alternative for you. - In this case, if you have it noted down, make sure to provide your Player ID when explaining your problem, will make things faster!

  2. Follow the instructions, and let us know the topic of your help request.

    If you want to let us know about an issue you need help our advisers help with, then please, select 'Technical support.'

    If you want to report a bug, you can do so in the Bug reports forum: - If you are reading this, it will be easier and the team will get the information as well. If you prefer to send your bug report through EA Help, please, keep in mind the information you send is used to fix bugs, but we don't reply to bug reports.

  3. Fill the form adding the information you think will be helpful for us to understand your problem. For example, if your game is not opening, it would be a good idea to let us know which device are you using or if the game was working in the past in that same device.


Hope this helps clarify how to contact us Standard smile


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