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How to cancel a Pre-order?

by VioNova

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How to cancel a Pre-order?

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I've gone and pre-ordered the delux digital version of Simcity, but now I dont have the money for it and have changed my mind. But I cant find a way of cancelling the order either online or through Origin itself!! I know that under consumer rights here in the UK, I'm perfectly aloud to backout of the pre-order anytime I like before its official release, but it seems there is no easy way of doing so!


Please can someone help me! I'm probably just being thick, but cannot find how to cancel the pre-order anywhere!!! Confused Frown

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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I was able to cancel my pre-order of Mass Effect Andromeda today by contacting EA ( The Game Adviser that chatted with me was super helpful and friendly, and he even gave me a 15% discount towards future Origin purchases.


Hope this helps!

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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Check out this page maybe it will help you get going in the right direction

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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Thanks, but I've already been to that page. Its really stupid though because it says you can cancel a pre-order, but it doesnt actually tell you how! thats what I find really frustrating! thanks though for the suggestion! Standard smile 

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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I would like to know this as well.


I tried going to the Game Advisor section as advised by another thread but it only asks what product I require help with and tells me it's not found, not giving me an alternative method to contact or direct the request. Worst case scenario is that I can't cancel and just have to return for a refund, but it's rather annoying that I can't find a way to cancel a pre-order in much more simple fashion.

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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How do I cancel my order?
Purchases that are considered preorders can be cancelled. An order for an item that is in stock or ready to ship cannot be cancelled after it is placed.
If you have placed an order for an item you no longer wish to receive and have already been sent a tracking number, please refuse shipment of the package so it will be returned to our warehouse to be processed as a return.
If you need to cancel your order, Contact Us( ). You will need an active EA Member account. In order to expedite your request, be sure to include the following important information.
Platform & Game
Full Name
Order Number
Date Ordered
Game Ordered
Phone Number
If you are unable to provide all of the above information, please include a brief explanation so we may better assist you.
Please remember to include your order number for faster service. In some cases, we are unable to cancel an order, as orders are processed immediately upon completion.


I found it under the the normal return and cancellation info not the EU one my bad I thought I had seen in the EU one before. I knew I had seen it somewhere. Confusedmileyhappy:

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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Having pre ordered mass effect andromeda i cant now cancel it

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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Same here. Been trying for a few days now and just received the email that they charged my account for the game.  Really hope I don't get fined because these idiots don't have there stuff working.

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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I'm not sure if any of the people in this thread are talking about ordering the PC version of MEA but here's how to cancel the MEA preorder for PC:


Check the status of your refund in your Order History on the order summary page.

1.     Log in to

2.     Select My Account and then Order History.

If your refund doesn’t appear in My Cases, and the processing time for your payment method has passed, contact us so we can help you out.


I went to "Order History," then adjusted the setting to orders I'd placed in the last 6 months. MEA's order came up so I clicked the "+" sign next to it and then clicked "Cancel Order."

That was all I needed to cancel. I'm not sure what the procedure is for canceling a preorder on a console but it can't be that much different.


Try this if you you need extra help:


 Request a refund right here on EA Help. You’ll be able to see if your games are eligible for the Great Game Guarantee. If you have games that qualify for a refund, you can complete and submit the refund request form.


Hope this helps someone!


P.S. VIONOVA, if this helps you, please mark my post as the answer so the question will be closed. Thanks!

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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i did that but i didnt have a cancel order option

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Re: How to cancel a Pre-order?

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Has the game you ordered already released? If so, then it's too late to cancel. If not, I don't know why you wouldn't have the cancel option on the list of items/games you've ordered. 


It's probably going to take a call to EA to solve your issue and I'm sorry for that. I'm not an EA employee, just a nice grandma who games and had and answer. I apologize that I can't help you.


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