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How can I play SWGOH on Linux

by CT-122514

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How can I play SWGOH on Linux

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So my phone is running out of space, and I would like to find an emulator or way to play SWGOH on my Linux computer, I have tried emulation and android device through x86, Anbox, and Archon. So far they have not been compatible and with Anbox it told me the libraries were not correct/ could not be found. Does anyone know of a way to get SWGOH working on Linux?

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Re: How can I play SWGOH on Linux

Community Manager
Hey @CT-122514,

I'm afraid we don't support emulators or use of them. Can you free up some space on your phone? Would this help the issue you're having?

- EA_Lanna

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Re: How can I play SWGOH on Linux

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Android engineer here.


This has always been a tricky matter with emulators, which is why most of us do testing on real devices.


Generally, you need an emulator with google services and play services enabled and working. Check this link as it might help a bit


Edit: do note that ARM images will run much slower, and x86 ones might be incompatible with the game/APK

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