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Horrible server connectivity post update

by _1-_-0-_-1-_Omar

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Horrible server connectivity post update

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I'm completely unable to play this event. Every single game, I'll have all kinds of connection issue icons on the top right and I'll be teleporting all over the place. Even when the game does run fine, the connection will completely freeze for 3-5 seconds as soon as I enter a gunfight. I have a 16 mbps connection and I get a stable 75-80 ping in R6S for example so the issue is definitely not on my end. I have tried changing the data centers and the closest to me is 100-110 ping on a good day, other days it'll be 150+. Before the update it was at 85 or so ping. I've tried opening ports and messing around with my router settings nothing seems to work. 


This issue is also besides the frequent code:leaf server error. 

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Re: Horrible server connectivity post update

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If you're still having poor connectivity in game can you post details in this thread below so we can pass it along to the Apex Legends team to help improve server quality?


Would help us out a lot. Thanks for any help you can provide and good luck in the ring!

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