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High Latency solution.

by MassivFart

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High Latency solution.

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After the update 1.2 a lot off people have high latency most or all the time.

After looking around a few hours i found the problem.

The game did connect me on what seemed to be lowest ping server (52ms).

BUT it had 8 % package lose. After joining a server with 58 ms and 1% package lose the problem was solved.

Thats how you do it : 


1. Start Apex but do not enter the character menu.

2. Wait about 30 second in the "Pre-Screen"

3. Press ESC (or your back button on consol) 2x

4. Now a new option appears in the bottom left corner where you can switch servers


Look for one with low latency but more important REALY LOW package lose

Hope it helps

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Re: High Latency solution.

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I have already tried switching to a server with a bit higher ping but 0% packet loss but just within few minutes into a match, same horrible lag comes up and if I go try switching to some other server I see 10-20% packet loss on the same server that I switched to earlier thinking that it had 0% packet loss as it appeared in that sever list! 

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Re: High Latency solution.

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So, do not title your post as a SOLUTION because it is really not.

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Re: High Latency solution.

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it is for some players. dont be rude baucause its not for you thanks
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Re: High Latency solution.

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That worked for me. Thanks! 

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Re: High Latency solution.

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frankfurt1 is awful, london seems good

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Re: High Latency solution.


Currently not really a solution for me.
Something is causing a high packet loss % for me.

I'm guessing this problem is server side so I'm waiting for the Cm's to reply in the week.


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Re: High Latency solution.

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I created a detailed post about this. EA first told me its an issue on my ISP's side and i should contact them, but now they are starting to see more posts about this, so i guess they finally started to listen to us.

It is included in the known issues thread, that they know about certain data center/latency issues, so it will eventually get fixed. Hopefully. But we should not stop there.

They also have another thread where they are collecting screenshots and logs from players who are experiencing issues with their data center being the wrong one by default, or switching back to the wrong one even though one was selected manually. I recommend posting your results there if you have issues with being put on the wrong data center, so they can actually fix this. Without sufficient data input they won't be able to fix it.

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Re: High Latency solution.

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Use a gaming vpn...solves everything



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Re: High Latency solution.

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Dude, that's awful... ping is nice though! lol



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