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Helpful Threads + Guides

by EA_Lanna

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Helpful Threads + Guides

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Hi Holotable Heroes,


Below you'll find a log of helpful threads and guides. 

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  • EA Star Wars - Keep an eye out for tweets with #StarWarsGalaxyofHeroes


We'll update  lists as we go with more informative and helpful guides. If you see a great guide or informative thread, let us know by tagging @ EA_Lanna or @ EA_Rtas. If you have a question not covered in here, use the search bar to find the answer or open your own thread and start posting :eahigh_file:

(Psst, we'd also love to have a 'Game Information / Tips and Tricks' section here to help members with gameplay questions. If you know your stuff and want to share your knowledge, why not create your own thread? Standard smile)


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