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Help needed: I messed up my Ingame Time Settings

by Snert0815

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Help needed: I messed up my Ingame Time Settings

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Hi there.


I'm having trouble with the ingame clock or the time settings. Since I'm from Europe/Germany on March 31st we went on summer time (DST) which messed up my SWGOH times since the beginning. So I chose to adjust my game time to my preferred winter time settings ... and somehow screwed up Disappointed!


I checked multiple times to not mess things up and ended up doing exactly so. There are no more trys for me left to set this right for 250 days according to my settings. Usually just one hour would bother me much (concerning payout times and stuff) but raids starting at 9 p.m. is a pain, escecially HAAT which takes longer to play.


Can someone please fix this issue? Does anyone share the same problem? Some good advice would be much appreciated.


Thx for reading.

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Re: Help needed: I messed up my Ingame Time Settings

Hi @Snert0815 , I think there is some confusion here about what the ingame clock and time settings can change.

You have the ability twice per year to impact the time that your daily activities reset. This also impacts the times of your bonus energy payouts, the store refreshes, and your arena and fleet arena payout times.

Your guild has a different time setting. Once per day the guild activities are reset - and I believe that was based on the time period of the guild leader at the time the guild was created.

Raid launch times are completely separate, and are manually controlled by guild officers. Officers can either launch raids manually, or set the raids to auto-launch at particular times of the day, but they always have complete control over those launch times.

So if you are unhappy with the time that raids are starting, you should discuss that with your guild officers. Alternatively, you may need to find another guild that has raid times more in-line with your availability.

I hope this helps!
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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Re: Help needed: I messed up my Ingame Time Settings

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Thank you. It IS indeed confusing Large smile! I'll check with my guild and get back to you ...

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