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Help! Youth academy bug!

by oper_t666

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Help! Youth academy bug!

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Product: FIFA 19
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? oper_t666
Which mode has this happened in? Career Mode
Which part of the mode? Career mode - manager
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Start new career, take new youth academy players, leave the game, run the game again and load career save. There would be something like on my pic
What happens when the bug occurs? Youth players disappearing and messed stats. If you sign one of them to first team instead of the messed stats issue the player will just disappear, and trying to access to squad hub leads the game to crash. It seems like this is linked to saving and reloading, one player per game month gets affected by this bug if you dont sign them and another player per month from first team or from youth academy gets affected. Only youth players are affected by this bug.
What should be happening instead? Stats should not be messed up and players should not disappear, and career must work

This picture show you what i mean 

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Re: Help! Youth academy bug!

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It is horrible to have this bug I already tried to restart the career mode 4 times and the problem happens again. I tried everything to repair the fifa, download it again and nothing solves, if Ea will not improve or implement anything in game mode, the * they should do is fix the bugs.

Sorry for my English I'm Brazilian and I do not have fluency.

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Re: Help! Youth academy bug!

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Did u find any solution?

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