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[HOW TO] Change Email Address

by JoeyTBND

Original Post

Can't get access to account

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My origin/ea account was connected to my school email, and I did not get a chance to change the email over before the email account was deleted was when I graduated. I can no longer log in to my account and had to make a new one to ask this question. I have all my games registered to that account and a ton of sim points. What should I do? Help!

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Re: Account options do not allow email address change!

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I can't change my email either - only my country and language. I'm ready to delete my account and never buy another EA game. This is frustrating and ridiculous.

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Unable to change e-mail

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Hi ...


I need to change the e-mail address for my Origin account. However this seems impossible after spending 30 minutes trying through the Origin web-page, the Origin client, the EA pages, the EA Help Pages and the EA Answer HQ pages (the latter being the closest I got as it allowed me to change the e-mail for that individual site .....).


So, how do I change my e-mail address?


PS: In my frustration over how terrible and anti-user-friendly the associated web-pages and/or client is for handling something as simple as a change of registered e-mail address, I looked into deleting my whole account and never touching anything that required Origin ever again, but lo and behold; that seems impossible to do as well ...

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Re: Account options do not allow email address change!

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Change Origin Email Address

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My Origin account is tied to an old email address which I will not have access to in a few weeks. I need to change it.


I have followed the steps at this link:


But when I update my account info, it only allows me to change country and language, NOT email address.


If the email address cannot be changed, can this account be deleted? It has no games anyway.

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Changing Email

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I need to change my email account from the one it is now to my new account. Its unclear of what to do or who to contact. 

Online it says to go to my EA account, go to 'My Account' then 'Update Info' however there is no where to put my new email address in. The screen shots in some threads do not match what I see. I have gone to the EA help web site when I try to edit my profile its only letting me change the country of origin. Has the EA Server been updated so you can not change your email? 
Please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.
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Why I cannot change my EMAIL ADDRESS

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I want to update my Email Address on here but when I go to my info and select update profile it doesnt even give me the option in changing it. I want to know why and can you fix it. Cause I have a new Email Address and want to update it

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Some kind of a bug in email change?

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HiI would like to change my origin account email address but when I go to either , or it won't show the CHANGE EMAIL tab or whatever it is. Could this be a bug of some sort? please reply quickly! Thanks in advance! Standard smile

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Re: Changing Email

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Having the exact same problem please ea be fast!

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Change Email Problem

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I changed my email due to hacking and im updating most sites.


Xbox Live




All Working, Accept origin.

Iv looked under account and it gives me no option to change it. Before i call in anyone got any advice?

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