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HDR issue on PC

by B_Zee_786

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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  1. Actually TVs That's coming dolby vision can't turn off manually is automatically on in need for speed heat  is chosen  automatic is dolby vision we need to choose HDR10 TO FIX THIS ISSUE, for information my tv is sony x900f 
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Re: HDR issue on PC

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Same Problem here:


LG OLED C9 with GeForce 2080Ti. The Game starts in Dolby Vision and when I switch with ALT-TAB to the Desktop the Game crashes with the Black-Screen! Need a fix by choosing in HDR Mode to HDR / HDR10 / Dolby Vision / OFF / Automatica... 


Please... EA... Whats going on?


Regards, Uwe

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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Dolby vision seems to be only working with RGB color space and not ycbr which makes playing on an OLED a pain the * because you can only play with 8 bits at RGB full 4k/60fps. the whole point of dolby vision is to make use of the 12bit colors. the only way I could make it work with dolby vision at 12 bit RGB full is to limit my OLED to 30fps. there is still the black screen bug tho, even if you quit the game, the signal is still dolby vision.


You can bypass dolby vision if you set ycbr to 4:2:2 @ 12 bit and then enable HDR in windows display setting. when you go in-game set it to borderless window. thats the only way to get proper HDR10


seems like no one in the dev department actually tested to see if everything works. what a mess

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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This is probably the worst pc port I've played in the last few years.

Black screen on alt-tab which forces me to restart my pc...

Even if I somehow start the game in HDR, it can randomly stop working or turn purple for no reason...really, really disappointing.


I've subscribed to Premier because of this game.

I for sure won't be extending it.

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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Is EA ever going to respond or fix this? This really isn't that complicated of a problem and for being one of the biggest gaming companies in the world you guys have awful communication and the lack of patching is disgusting. I remember when games used to be shipped on a disc and had to work. Fire your QA team, please.
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Re: HDR issue on PC

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EA can you please fix the issue with Dolby Vision and black screen ?

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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We need a fix ASAP!!!

Thx to EA and NFS Heat, now I cannot use my TV with my computer anymore...

I had no issue before, but now that I launched NFS, TV was automatically set to DV and even after alt+F4 the game (because of black screen), my TV stays in DV as long as my computer is plugged to it.

I tried to reset the settings of HDMI port of TV, I tried to plug computer on another TV HDMI port, I tried to properly uninstall nVidia drivers and install again, I tried to disable HDR in Windows... nothing changed...

No issue with other sources with HDR and DV (netflix, amazon prime), only with computer.
Please EA, do something

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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Hi EA and Ghost Games,


No doubt from reading through this thread you've noticed that the Dolby Vision / black screen issue is still prevalent with any of the Frostbite games that have Dolby Vision as an option. 


I've been playing the trial of NFS Heat, and I actually want to commend EA and Ghost Games for making a good NFS game. As a passionate gamer, I would actually buy NFS Heat tomorrow if this Dolby Vision / Black Screen issue was fixed on PC. 


I do have an Xbox One X but I'd rather playing at 60fps, and not be limited to console limitations of 30fps. Of course with the Xbox version, HDR works fine because it isn't trying to prompt Dolby Vision.


Please try and find a solution to this problem and at least give the consumer an option to set standard HDR vs Dolby Vision.


Thanks for your time.




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Re: Dolby Vision black screen - unplayable

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@Nilick That method works , but just one time . When I tried play today my TV found DV content and popup " enable HDMI deep colour" and same * again . why EA ???
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Re: HDR issue on PC

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I personally stopped complaining once I realized regular HDR works in borderless window mode.  I couldn't get DV to work at all on my C6, black screen when the game boots up no matter what.  It's a fun game so I'm just glad I get to play it in HDR as is, no idea if DV would look noticeably better but ignorance is bliss at this point lol.

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