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HDR issue on PC

by B_Zee_786

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HDR issue on PC

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On the settings menu, HDR is either on Auto or Off...if on Auto, in fullscreen mode, the colors are purple, green, blues, etc.... terrible....if switched off, it's normal non HDR.  Had anyone else experienced this?   Yes my windows 10 is set to HDR gaming and Nvidia to 4:2:2 10 bit

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What's the deal with the crappy HDR implementation on PC?

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First Star Wars Battlefront II had issues ( color banding in dark areas ), and now this. What's the deal? 

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Re: What's the deal with the crappy HDR implementation on PC?

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I'm having issues with it as well. During the day sometimes ABSL goes crazy on my LG C8 and the brightness is all over the place. I also get some artifacting (white flickering spots at the top of the screen) during darker scenes or in the menu. When I launch the game and the GeForce Experience pop-up shows up it looks really weird and if I try to press Alt+Z to open the overlay the screen simply goes dark. If I go borderless the screen goes dark again.


I've tried with about 5 different HDMI cables and nothing changed. I wiped my drivers with DDU and installed the latest ones released today by Nvidia, no luck. I've even installed ME: Andromeda to check if maybe it's my TV that's acting up but no, Dolby Vision works just fine on that one (bear in mind it's the same engine), so I don't really know what's up with the implementation in Heat, but it really makes me not want to play it as much as I would otherwise. 

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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Does your TV/display have Dolby Vision?


Check if you can turn that off in the TVs settings.



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Re: HDR issue on PC

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@EA_Barry I do have Dolby Vision but it's not an option I can turn off. I've read my TV activates Dolby Vision 1st if both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision are avail.
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Re: HDR issue on PC

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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So I've found the secret menu for my TV and turned off Dolby but the issue issue persists

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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In Nvidia Control Panel go to "Change Resolution" and set to "Use default colors". My game also acts up if I'm not using the default options.

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Dolby Vision black screen - unplayable

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The game is currently unplayable on my 1080Ti/LG C8 OLED display with HDR on. I can hear the menu music in the background and "Dolby Vision" pops up on my TV but it never gives a display signal. I'm running NVIDIAs latest driver and the game works fine on my non-HDR monitor. Please look into this.. very embarassing for EA games tbh. These exact Dolby Vision issues keep popping up when your games launch. Madden, Anthem etc. If you're ready to take my money and launch a product you should have better QA.

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Re: HDR issue on PC

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didnt work, just made the colors go from pinks and purples to red.

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