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Re: HDR Calibration in BFV is weird

by shahzisme

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HDR Calibration in BFV is weird

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Hi guys,


I'm using a ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ monitor which is a 4K monitor with HDR capabilities. This is coupled to a reference Nvidia GTX1080Ti.


I'm trying to calibrate the HDR and I'm getting an orange + green image instead. 


Refer to the following video. I made it with me phone, and it was pretty hard to capture this, but you get the idea:


I assume the colors need to match in order to get the real HDR effect? But I'm already at the maximum possible and they still don't match. It's like almost there, but the guage is not long enough.


When I record the same settings on-screen recording, it turns out totally different. This is definitely not what I am seeing. Refer to the video:


That shows like the HDR calibration should be perfect at 80, but when I forcefully set to 80, the colors are washed out and insanely bright. When I set it to 2000 (as suggested by the first video), the colors look way nicer, but still feels like something is missing.

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Re: HDR Calibration in BFV is weird

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Hey @shahzisme, thanks for all the information!

The google doc I can't see as they are requesting be viewed at, you can upload them to the topic itself If you want to. Standard smile 




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Re: HDR Calibration in BFV is weird

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I'm sorry, I forgot to enable link sharing. Could you try viewing it again? The files are very big, hence I used google drive. They're videos Standard smile


I've enabled link sharing now, they should be viewable.


Let me know if there is anything I can help with

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