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Re: Grass and foliage glitching (grid like)

by Majocarina

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Grass and foliage glitching (grid like)

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I cant screenshot the issue but layely on maps like twisted metal the grass is gridlike. Its not blurry but i can see a grid very lightly over the grass. I run on ultra and low changed all setting but none seem to help substantially.

i5 8600k
16gb 3000mhz
latest drivers etc and windowd updates.

any help or opinions on this would be helpful

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Re: Grass and foliage glitching (grid like)

Community Manager
Hey @Majocarina, Thanks for the post! 
ironically a screenshot would be very helpful on this issue,  I think I understand what you mean with a grid-like over the grass. To reduce any confusion and really see the issue a  screenshot would be needed on this.



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Re: Grass and foliage glitching (grid like)

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I have tried my best to capture in a screenshot what I see. It hasnt really worked, but I mean there is a consistent grid over the grass. After some testing no settings make this dissapear. What does change it is putting the resolution scale up and down makes the grid squares smaller and larger respectively. The screenshots dont show it very clearly. It happens during motion and is blatent and horrible looking.

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