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by Mayorsam01

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet A6 and it runs every other game perfectly with top performance and top graphics....but the sims mobile is literally a unplayable mess here the graphics are so bad and pixelated that I can't see what I'm doing PLZ HELP OR FIX EA

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Re: Graphics

Could you share a screenshot with us?


do not work for EA



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Re: Graphics

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Same here. Galaxy Tab A6 - 1.6 octa, 2gb ram. Not amazing but a modest spec that can run pretty much all games and apps at a good level. Just downloaded the Sims Mobile and the graphics are RIDICULOUSLY bad, with no settings anywhere that I could find to change things. No way I will play a game with forced graphics THIS poor.


I don't even expect or desire top graphics. Something reasonably moderate would be totally fine. They are just terribly poor quality here and there is no way it is a device issue in my opinion. It can definitely handle a great deal more in my experience.


A fix or optimisation is needed, or an adjustable graphics setting in the game. Otherwise it is just not playable in its current state.


Edit: unfortunately the screenshots don't help. They have been smoothed after submission. If you could see the original full size images you would notice the huge jagged edges and very rough/low res look. The screenshots don't look that bad at all. The game is WAY worse than that.

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