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Google Play accounts, switch?

by MolDragontooth

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Google Play accounts, switch?

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Hello from Venezuela, dear forum users.


I've been playing Heroes of the Galaxy for a week already and i'm in love with this game. But got a little issue with my Google Play account, I will try to shortly explain my situation:


I play the game from my wife's device (because I dont have an smartphone) and the thing is that when I started to play the game, my wife had her Google Play account logged in. I totally forgot about it at it's time, I guess she linked the account by mistake (or maybe it was me, hehe) and now I cant find a way to switch the progress I made at her account into mine.


Someone can enlight me at this topic? Is possible to switch the progress made in a Google Play account into another Google Play account? 


Soon we will leave the country and I'll be able to buy a new smartphone for me! So i wanted to take the progress into my new device (with the Google Play account option). I havent linked a Facebook account and I dont really want to do it Frown


I'll be waiting for answers, thank you so much for your time on reading this, and sorry if my english isnt perfect D: it's already hard for me to write in english, imagine writing on a small screen with a "spanish dictionary" keyboard lol.



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Re: Google Play accounts, switch?

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Hi there, @MolDragontooth 


Once your account is linked to an account it stays this way unless you link it to a new account.
I understand that you want to keep your account, so you'll need to contact customer support . They might be able to un link the game and re link it to your account. You'll be needing your own phone and your own account set up before you proceed in doing this.

I hope it will work. :-)


I don't work for EA. If a post solved your problem, please accept it as a solution and grant XP.

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