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Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy?

by DeepFriedPorg

Original Post

Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy?

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Hello.  I recently acquired a PS4 and Battlefront II bundle.  Like many others....most or all other players, I imagine....many of the Milestones and other challenges would not grant the promised rewards after their completion.  Not knowing the full scale of this, I began looking online for solutions.  I was amazed and shocked to see how widespread this general umbrella issue is.  An easier question to ask would instead be, "is there anyone out there NOT affected by this?".  Because of how many different and varied Milestones/Challenges affected by this, I guess it wouldn't matter if I mentioned the specific ones here.  I'm in the same boat as every other post I've seen here, and elsewhere, and I ddon't want an EA rep to post a comment saying something like "we're working on it", or "we'll be fixing this issue 'SOON'".  Because let's be honest here........those answers are not answers, and they do not solve the problem.


After doing some digging and getting a better view of the bigger picture, I have to wonder, are these "glitches" truly glitches in the coding and operation of the game, or is it something worse?  Something perhaps related to the debacle and controversy on microtransactions (micros) and their removal from the game before launch.  Is it a disruption caused to the game's function due to its removal, or could it be on purpose?  "Well, you all didn't want micros, which would have made us a LOT of stupid money, so we'll remove that, but it's gonna cost you!"....cost you, YOU, the player who spent $60 on the game already, $80 if you got the special version, not to mention the money already invested in a PS4, PSN to play online, and your internet service to be online at all.  Hundreds of dollars paid by every customer, just to play, and these creepy EA/DICE people still want more?  And if they don't get more, we have to suffer for their poor business practices by being given a broken game?


After getting out of consoles for years, despite all the negative hype I had heard on SW:BF 1 & 2, I had high hopes of just playing the game for fun, and not getting involved in the controversy.  I acquired a PS4 SOLELY to play this game, ONLY this game.  And after discovering all these issues, and how many people are affected by it, and the possibility that EA/DICE are just plain evil, you know what I have discovered?  The money I sank into this was simply not worth it.  Star Wars: Battlefront II is littered with problems, and not just in the game.  If EA/DICE had any sense, they would have worried about the loyalty of the fan base first, securing that, and making it as solid as possible, THEN toy with the idea of some form of micros.


And the only reason, the ONLY reason, they removed micros before the game's launch, was because Disney sent them a message voicing their displeasure at the controversy being kicked up.  Which makes the Star Wars brand look bad as a whole.  Which Disney will not allow.  EA knows that the Star Wars brand will make money for them, but if Disney removes that license, that will make EA look bad while Disney saves face with the fans.


But here's the thing, the plan as it were.  EA knows the players will pay anyway, despite the flaws in the game.  They know that if the progression system annoys the players enough, that if/WHEN micros come back, players will jump on that and begin spending more money, filling their pockets as intended, if not at the high levels they were hoping for in the beginning.  And maybe, just maybe, all of these "GLITCHES" being fixed at the same time micros come back will be part of the plan, so EA/DICE can ingratiate themselves to the fans and players and say "look guys, see what we did?  We fixed all your problems, now go spend more money and pay-to-win to show how much you appreciate that!".  Or something like that.


Or maybe I am wrong.  Maybe what's going on really is a glitch in the game.  Maybe it's not part of EA/DICE taking their sweet time to put a plan together to win in micros because they're just plain greedy.  Maybe they really are working on a fix.


Or maybe not.  They did say micros would be coming back at a later date.  Meanwhile, we have to deal with these "glitches", and they're going to keep making us have to put up with these problems until we accept the micros.


It's B.S.  Oh, and though this is a rant, it does still bring up the technical issues involved with the game, and the many people dealing with these problems.  So EA, EA reps, whoever you are, how about instead of punishing us for the micros because you're all so butt-hurt over that, how about instead you reward us for sticking with you this long, after all the money already spent on your games (because SW:BF 1 counts too), and give us a fixed gamme that keeps us loyal to you.


Otherwise, just gie up the license and let someone else try, maybe they'll do it better than you.

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Re: Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy

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hmm I swear there was a post with 800 replies regarding players not being able to get milestones which was deleted few hours ago!

Whether is a glitch or another scam. My guess is that its a scam, if it wasn't someone from EA would have said something regarding this by now on the forums and threads would not get deleted/hidden.
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Re: Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy

Product: Star Wars Battlefront II
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
What is your issue related to? General
Summarize your bug I cannot claim, redeem, be awarded this one of now twelve separate milestone achievements. Since level 10, now 13 the milestone achievement is blacked out, despite earning said milestone.
What is your gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name? KryptoSpeedster
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Can you tell us the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that you saw the bug? 01/27/2018
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM) 1:20PM
In what game mode did the bug occur? Starfighter Assault
What is your time zone? EST (IET) - GMT - 5:30
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Obviously figure it our yourselves.
What happens when the bug occurs? Claim is blacken out, cannot redeem
What do you expect to see? Redemption reward of "Milestone" as stated for game play conditions earning said Milestone
Please select your region North America
AMD or Nvidia Model Number None

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Re: Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy

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Community Manager

@GodCarryLord Do you mean this thread? It's stickied at the top of the Bug section.


@DeepFriedPorg Thank you for the post and for not making any wild assertions(this can be a problem with speculative posts). You may not believe me as I'm an employee, but I have a bit more visibility on the milestone issue and it's a bug, and the studio are working to fix it. 

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Re: Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy

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Sir, whether speculative or wildly assertive, or the result of being alive long enough to know BS when I smell it, I've reached the age where taking the stance of "I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT" has been well earned and deserved.  It may be a "bug" and EA may be "working to fix the problem".  But anyone with some common sense can see this is a result of releasing a product before properly playtesting and working out all the "bugs".


So far, I've barely touched the game since these issues started.  I've got over half a dozen of these "bugs" that have cropped up (Under Covered Skies Scavenger; Getting The Hang Of This; Helping The Team; 200 Assault Kills; Paralyzed With Fear; Another I can't remember off the top of my head), and considering the amount of Challenges I have completed and collected, I've put some time into the game in only a week (some may think not, but that's relative to one's schedule).  I had intended to sink more time into this game, but when "bugs" like this begin appearing, with it looking like there will only be more down the road, it makes the game much less appealing.


When it comes to games, this is why I have come to like Steam.  Many of the games that wind up on Steam, while not AAA titles, they often harken back to a simpler time when I remember having more fun with these things.  Truth be told, Axiom Verge was what really started pulling me back into video games, which was the first game I got on Steam, and it's what I go back to play when things like this happen.


EA_David, you can sit there and make your replies, make your promises, tell us you're working on the problem, etc, but what I have is an empty cup of such promises, a forum full of such responses....BY back to November when the game first released, and nothing to show for it.  What does it say about you, this game, and EA, that I would rather go play a video game that plays like a Super Nintendo title, released, purchased, and played through an EA competitor (Steam), that I've had for 2 years now, that feels like it has more replay value than Star Wars Battlefront II which I've only had in my possession for a week or so?

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Re: Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy

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In reference to Axiom Verge being more preferable to play than 2017's Battlefront II, I'd also like to state that I have been firing up 2005's Battlefront II, reliving some of the gameplay from that game, enjoying some of the many mods that have been produced from the still-active modding community that has arisen to surround this classic game.  A game also purchased through Steam.  These two games, as far as I know, are not provided by EA's Origin (PSN has Axiom Verge at $20, but I purchased it on Steam on sale, otherwise it goes for $15, or at least it used to).


Furthermore, I've come to discover Star Wars Movie Battles II, a constantly updating mod for Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, that dates back even further than 2005's Battlefront II.  This game is, in short, awesome in any and all ways that 2017's Battlefront II is not.


What does it say about SW:BF2 2017 when gamers and fans would rather play older, outdated video games instead of this one?  Especially when those older games STILL have an active community that keeps those games alive?  Modding them constantly to keep them interesting and fun?  SW:BF2 2017 wont last forever, it will eventually fade away and be forgotten, probably sooner due to these "bugs", whereas these other games will keep on going and show no signs of stopping any time soon.


Imagine if EA put their collective effort into making a game like that?  One that people would keep on coming back for, again and again.  One that would have constant replay value, being updated or modded to keep people interested.  Fat chance, but instead of dreaming of such a thing and hoping for it, I'll just give up and SW:BF2 2017 and go play these games that already fulfill such dreams......

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Re: Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy

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Scam?...... are you high......... x-box..... looking at milestones right see the screen shots ..... got 5 that are complete and I can not collect.... How is that a scam??

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Re: Glitched Milestone/Challenge rewards related to microtransaction controversy

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Am I high?  No.  Do I wish I were?  Probably.


Xbox?  Yes.  I'm not picky about consoles or computers, as long as the game is fun.  Never really understood why there was so much hate between Xbox, Playstation, and PC gamers.  Anyone who wants to stand up and be so proud of their gaming platform that they want to argue and start fights is an idiot who needs their teeth kicked out, IMO, far as I'm concerned.


A "scam" is a thing where many people,...not just one.....are treated unfairly when some kind of service or product is provided, or supposed to be provided.  You are affected too, so technically it still fits in the definition of what a "scam" could be.


Maybe you should go read a book?

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