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Gifting Games

by Nanostronghold

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Gifting Games

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I was just wondering if it is at all possible to gift a game to a friend through Origin? I can't see an option for it anywhere. 





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Re: Gifting Games

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@RiasatSalminSami @nanostronghold @jtpjr1234 @rmhurt2


Proved you wrong! Tongue out


I am excited to share with all of you that the Origin gifting and wishlist function is now available:




And please do share if you have any cool stories about connecting with friends due to gifting, or something exciting that is on your wishlist!


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Re: Gifting Games

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Since there is misleading information about this, even on their own help page I asked their support:
Abhimanyu:Thanks you for contacting EA Help. My name is Abhimanyu. How may I help you ?
you:hello,Im trying to buy a gift following this page:
Abhimanyu:Hello there.
you:but I can't even put the game into the cart. I bought the game to myselft first
Abhimanyu:I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I'll do my best to address your concern.
you:there is no error. it just shows me an empty cart. like I never put the game in it
you:I tried with Chrome and Firefox, same
Abhimanyu:I sincerely apologize for the delay in response.
Abhimanyu:Have you tried to clear your Browser cache?
Abhimanyu:You may remove the temporary files stored on your system. For this please follow the steps listed below –
Abhimanyu:1. Double click on "My Computer"
Abhimanyu:2. Double click on the C: drive
Abhimanyu:3. Double click on the "Windows" folder.
Abhimanyu:4. Double click on the "Temp" folder.
Abhimanyu:5. Hold the "CTRL" key and tap the "A" key to select all.
Abhimanyu:6. Tap the "Delete" key on your keyboard and accept the "Are you sure you want to delete these files" prompt.
Abhimanyu:7. Once done, press and hold the Windows key and the letter R
Abhimanyu:8. In the Run box type: %temp% and press Enter
Abhimanyu:9. When the folder containing all temporary files opens press and hold the CTRL button and the letter A to highlight all files in that folder
Abhimanyu:10. Press the Delete key.
Abhimanyu:11. When prompted to verify if the files should be deleted, click Yes.
Abhimanyu:12. Any files that cannot be removed can be safely ignored.
you:do you know if it is possible to buy a gift at all? the help page says, but it does not seem to work
Abhimanyu:Yes, it will help you to open your web page faster.
Abhimanyu:So you can purchase game from Origin store.
you:that was not my problem.
you:I want to buy a gift.
you:so I pay the game but another origin user would receive the game
Abhimanyu:Also, please turned off your antivirus, if you are running any antivirus.
you:have you seen my question about gifting in general? if it is supported officially?
Abhimanyu:Are you trying to gift Physical version of this game or digital version?
you:digital, of course.
you:I have the same problem
Abhimanyu:Please know that it is not possible to purchase a game to gift you friends.
you:ok, so why your help page says it is possible?
you:and when will be possible?
Abhimanyu:You can only gift a physical version of this game.
Abhimanyu:Thank you for contacting EA. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Abhimanyu:Since there is no response from your side, it seems that you're no longer available online, I'm wrapping up this chat from my end. In case if you face any further problem, please do not hesitate to contact us back.
The chat session has ended. Please contact us again if you need further help.
I would like to note, how he simple ignored some of my questions. And  after his "Thank you for contacting EA. Is there anything else I can help you with today?" line he immediately close my chat session.
Since I have not seen any other way to leave feedback about the support I thought I just do that here.
That was the second support "specialist" I talked with about that issue. The first simple said his support tool has a problem so he could not search my account and reply over chat, then just closed the chat.
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Re: Gifting Games

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I was just about to buy a second pre-order copy of SimCity Digital download (2013), I'm not going to waste my money now

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Re: Gifting Games

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Insert proverbial "me too" post here.


Having now bought my own pre-order copy, I wanted to pre-order an additional SIX copies of the deluxe edition for friends/relatives.


Origin must not want, (and are now not going to receive), the THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY QUID I was trying to give them?

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Re: Gifting Games

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Origin is the worst product EA has to shame itself on forcing people onto. Shame EA.

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Re: Gifting Games

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How in the hell you make a digital market with this not in mind, apparently EA is run by a bunch of morons.

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Re: Gifting Games

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Me to


<insert text about EA's "bad run by old idiots" marketing department>

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Re: Gifting Games

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Hey guys,


I had the same problem and contacted the support chat.


They said to log into your friend's account and purchase it for him as it is not possible to gift a game you already purchased for you own.


I'll probably do it this way to gift my bro the SimCity Deluxe Edition.


Hope to help you!


Picture of chat:

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Re: Gifting Games

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Just went through this myself. Beyond frustrated that you cannot gift a download version of a game. That is just an extremely odd business practice, and anti-consumer. Guess I'll juist buy it through Amazon and gift it that way.

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Re: Gifting Games

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This is ridiculous... How can they not know this is a problem????

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