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Getting fed up with inaccurate GA lock-in mod statuses

by Gunjindude

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Getting fed up with inaccurate GA lock-in mod statuses

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I went for a GA final round JKR vs JKR mirror match safe in the knowledge that my JKR comfortably outsped my opponent's based on the respective toon statuses at lock-in (I check whose JKR is fastest amongst all opponents - in this GA I was). I alway also make absolutely sure that my mods are in place at the lock-in point so it was somewhat surprising to find that my opponent's JKR went first and I seriously struggled despite my theoretically having a c. 10k advantage over my opponents mirror match trio. When I checked the respective mods on both teams I found that my Revan had no mods at all and my other two had incorrect mod load outs. Now, I moved several mod sets including all my JKR mods to GMY for my last arena match today leaving my JKR with no mods at all but that shouldn't impact today's GA final round match surely? Under what circumstances could my opponent's JKR go first despite having slower speeds at lock-in unless a post lock-in mod state is used for either my toons or his? Genuinely baffled by either this bug or the inability to show the accurate lock-in mod statuses of all the toons in play.

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