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Re: Getting a DirectX error

by kristalshards

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Getting a DirectX error

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It's got to have a fix because I played the game until a few minutes ago for a decent one hour without an issue. I get this error everytime I try to open the game.


[u]My laptop specs[/u] - Intel Core i5-7300HQ, nVidia GTX 1050 2GB, 12GB RAM dual channel. I have updated all the drivers, tried an older version of the nVidia card aswell, didn't work. I have DirectX12 according to Dxdiag.

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Re: Getting a DirectX error

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I was getting the same problem plus the game stuck on loading screen between maps if I didn't get the DX error.


Try turning off everything in Origin, Ingame Origin, Cloud crap and anything else that runs while your ingame


You can do that by clicking the "Origin tab" in origin "Application settings"


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Re: Getting a DirectX error

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I have turned everything off, the problem's still there. This is extremely frustrating and it's hampering my game experience.


Ok what I can add is that everytime I get this error, I have to reinstall the GPU driver (nVidia in my case) to make the game work again, so maybe there's something that corrupts one of the game or the driver? For example tonight I was playing TDM and the server was in the process of changing maps, then the game stuck in a black screen, it closed itself down without any error or notification, I tried to open it up again and it showed this error.

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Re: Getting a DirectX error

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Sounds like you might have a corrupted file indeed. Given that you can fix it by reinstalling means that a full clean install may be advised. Try downloading Display Driver Uninstaller and then install a fresh driver. (make sure you download the driver first as your GPU won't have a driver at all after using DDU)
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Re: Getting a DirectX error

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I do reinstall the driver everytime I get this error but this becomes frustrating as I can’t be bothered to reinstall it clean every week or so. I got the error last night too then I clean booted and it worked again so it might be something that is installed on my laptop that’s causing this?

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