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Game wont start: "Please update video driver" - Nvidia / AMD

by PresenceOfMind

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Re: Game wont start: "Please update video driver" - Nvidia

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@Tukarjabi wrote:

@Carbonic I have the proper 20.9.2 driver from AMD. I have uninstalled drivers in safe mode and reinstalled drivers for my RX 580. Still getting the same error. Last i checked RX 580 is plenty to run this game. Also, looks like EA threw all the posts together into one so it's all a jumbled mess. 

Did you get it to work yet.not sure if it helps but I have a igpu and had to go into device manager and uninstall it for it to run


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Re: diver update

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How can we know that a GTX770M is actually lower than a GTX660? There's abviously a big * somewhere... almost scandalous.

No more support from Nvidia after 5 years? Another scandale. They probably think that laptops are made to be quickly replaced which is an ecological non-sense.

More & more people are buying more powerful gaming laptops that are quite expensive. We just stepped right into a new gaming laptops era! And see this poor consideration pionneers and first buyers get, like always. Old buyers soon need to be replaced, like everything...

So when you buy a computer, you believe you buy something more powerful than a lower desktop version, but you're actually buying something that just fakes to be and already plays with numbers from inside its pack... lol Scandalous!


They published GTX660 as minimum requirements, and my teenaged son (if I had) should detect that my GTX880M laptop won't actually be powerful enough before pressing the "Buy" button??? Are you kidding me?


People are logical. Industry is not.


I'm sure that you can feel, deep in your heart & mind, that there's a dynamic here that is absolutely not good for anyone.


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Re: diver update

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WORKAROUND/SOLUTION HERE (for advanced or expert PC users, workaround made with Nvidia). Please, READ ALL THE STEPS before proceeding.


1 - Search the Nvidia library file on C:/Windows/System32/nvapi64.dll.


2 - Rename this 'nvapi64.dll' file into anything else at your convenience. And keep this new name in mind.


3 - Launch your game, set it in full screen mode asap, & play !


4 - When you quit this game, remember to rename the Nvidia library file back into its initial name (nvapi64), or some system might stay unstable for too long.


5 - Please, for the good of other players in your situation, don't forget to mark this post as a solution to your problem, if it worked for you. Just click on the 'XP' button below! Wink


Have fun!


Note : AMD users should probably find the matching AMD library file in their OS, and follow same steps.

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Re: diver update

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Looks like the latest patch allows to play the game without the latest drivers. Seems to run fine. Too bad they didn't allow that at launch. But very happy they fixed it. Slightly gives me hope for EA again...

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Re: diver update

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Now it is 25% off on steam and I only could play it this week after the patch. Really EA? 

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