Game wont connect online (PC)

by nike23osu

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Game wont connect online (PC)

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the game will not sign me in online once im in the game, it starts connecting gets halfway thru syncing, then says connection lost please try again will never connect, ive done all the trouble shooting and still not signing in so i cant even download custom liveries in my career save.  I have the game on steam, ea app shows everything proper but will never connect and i have to play in offline mode.  I did try the trial on my xbox series x before buying on pc but that should have no bearing on this issue as its a backend server issue NOT my end.

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Re: Game wont connect online (PC)

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I will be here EVERY DAY MULTIPLE TIMES until this is addressed, acknowledged, and fixed! I cant even start a new saved game cause of stupid hidden cloud sync on ea app that i cant disable cause i purchased on steam...i paid 85 dollars on steam for a game missing half its features cause it always fails to connect online!!

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Re: Game wont connect online (PC)

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What kind of networks et up do you have, who is your ISP in what country? @nike23osu  


What troubleshooting have you tried? 





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Re: Game wont connect online (PC)

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I have the same issue, in my country the ISP is Ziggo, but that is unrelateable to this issue 

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