Game won’t launch

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Game won’t launch

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Hey, it’s been weeks now and my game still wouldn’t launch. I’ve contacted EA support but to be honest it hasn’t been very helpful. I’ve literally tried everything: turned my phone off and back on (iOS), freed up A LOT of space on my iPhone so that’s not an issue anymore, I’ve deleted and re-installed the app and after the tutorial I had the option to continue with my progress as I am linked to Game Center and still nothing. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, I’ve reached level 60, won a lot of prices, built 2 amazing houses (which took a lot of effort and time and with which I’m very satisfied with), etc… please help me! There is no way in hell that I’d want to start this game ALL over again with all this progress. I’m so frustrated what else can l do? Can’t EA do anything from their part? 

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Re: Game won’t launch

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I also have had this issue for 3 weeks now, this is really frustrating. I have contacted the EA team, but they really are extremely useless. I’m on level 41 and have been playing this game for over two years now and it’s really sad that they can’t help us even a bit. I also tried all the things you already did but it was unsuccessful on my too and just like you I refuse to restart the game.

Please tell me if you game ever restart and what you did for it, on my side I’ll also try my best.

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Re: Game won’t launch

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I’m having this problem as well. It started 6-27-2022 
I think it said Error 22.   I would appreciate some help 

tia ~ kat 

iPad 6 

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Re: Game won’t launch

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Here’s the message on my start page

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Re: Game won’t launch

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I feel your pain & I am right there with you. After contacting EA Help - My Cases and going back & forth with about a dozen emails & different technicians & trying all their suggestions how to fix error 22,
I STILL have NOT gotten the problem fixed. It is beyond frustrating.

I wish I could speak with an actual person who could help walk me through a fix without reading pages of links that haven't helped.

I've been playing this game since it started & this is the longest I've been without any resolution.

It seems like every new download, it fixes some bugs, but brings dozens more. smdh
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