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Game still crashing after update

by MaouChan

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Game still crashing after update

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Before the update my game was crashing after about 20 minutes so I took a break and just waited until a patch came around to fix it after I saw a lot of other people were having the same issue.

Well to my surprise I booted up the game today thinking it was fixed and I'm still crashing constantly. At this point I'm not sure if it's a problem with my PC or the game but so far I've tried repairing the game, reinstalling it, removing drivers and reinstalling them and clean boot, resetting to where NFS is the only game on it and nothing seems to fix the issue.


Attached my dxdiag, hoping for some kind of fix because the game is unplayable in this current state.

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Re: Game still crashing after update

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Dug through some of the crash dump files and found


ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%p referenced memory at 0x%p. The memory could not be %s.



ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000001d - {EXCEPTION}  Illegal Instruction  An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction.
AILURE_BUCKET_ID:  ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION_c000001d_NeedForSpeedHeat.exe!AmdPowerXpressRequestHighPerformance

Not really sure what it means though

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Re: Game still crashing after update

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@MaouChan It means you most likely have a driver issue causing memory issues.

It may or may not be a RAM issue but most likely its conflicting drivers.


I see in your dxdiag that you have plenty of bsods, issues with another game and that a mem diag has found issues. Try to clean reinstall drivers, not only graphic drivers, but also other drivers like audio, chipset etc .Also disable or uninstall devices you do not use and make sure your windows is up to date.

In some odd cases reinstalling/updating bios can help but this is something you try as last resort (unless you are running a very old bios version, then updating would be good regardless of this

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Re: Game still crashing after update

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@Methylcyclohexa Windows says I'm up to date. Picked up two new sticks of ram just in case, did a clean install of all of my drivers (as far as I know at least). Game is still crashing, got a new error this time

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: MEMORY_CORRUPTION_LARGE_80000003_memory_corruption!NeedForSpeedHeat

Ran memory diagnostics afterwards but it didn't find any problems. Bios is up to date but I haven't tried flashing it yet, would that be my next step?
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Re: Game still crashing after update

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Yes, try flashing your bios first. If there is a newer version update it, if not just flash it with the current version. I have myself fixed crashes by just flashing my bios. One time I had bsod when streaming from one site. All other streaming sites worked perfectly but not that one. I spent a week scratching my head until I just flashed my bios and I never got the bsod ever again. Go figure. lol



If flashing your bios doesnt help then you need to play a detective :P

While it says memory corruption its very often software issue. And hwen changing ram sticks and flashing bios doesnt help then it may be connected devices, faulty drivers etc.

You say you reinstalled all your drivers so I assume you did all of them including chipset, raid controllers, lan and wifi etc. Anything your motherboard manufacturer had on their website and any other device manufacturer connected to your computer. 

Try to unplug peripherals that you have connected your computer if you have any. that includes your controller if you use one.

Also if you have software that is for your your motherboard, keyboard, mouse, audio etc update and reinstall those as well. If they are controlling stuff like rgb they may interfere. The best would be to just uninstall one by one and see if the crashing goes away and try to find the culprit.

If you use any OC try to disable it and see if the crash goes away. This may be xmp, factory OC etc.

Also try a windows scan that may fix any corrupted windows files. Open command prompt in admin mode and type SFC /SCANNOW

And lastly just to repeat, make sure you have completely cleared your origin cache, do not use any overlays and have your game in your anti virus exclusion list.


But flash your bios first to rule out any issues there.


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