Re: Game resets to level 1

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Game resets to level 1

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My game has constant issues, it's not allowing me to do tasks, money goes missing, sims don't complete tasks, it's total garbage. I've reinstalled yesterday as advised and now it's not started me from the level I was on but from level 1. I picked load previous game, I'd played over a year. I've contacted EA, requested call but they put player unavailable next to my complaint which is an utter lie. I've spent money so I'm calling Google to request every penny back. It doesn't even give me a log in option so clearly another sims mobile bug. They don't respond to help if you report a bug either. They are a disgrace. I play on mobile and pad, both android, screenshots attached. Any support appreciated. 

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Re: Game resets to level 1

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Hey there @residentevil26 


So sorry to hear about your account! Your screenshot looks like you're still being taken through the tutorial- a lot of times your progress can be restored once you've completed the tutorial. Go ahead and complete that and try logging back in to your original account from the main menu. 


Let me know if your progress has been restored once you've tried that. 


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