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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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Damn, their whole company has an alignment issue. Different people telling us different things.. And every time a new person replies us, we need to re-explain the situation to them because they don’t even read through the previous correspondences. 


It’s been a nightmare having to deal with them. Will probably find other forums to share my experience thus far and what the final outcome of my account is (if it ever reaches a resolution). I think people seriously need to know about this incompetence before they get into any EA game. Game is fine, the people behind it make it boderline unplayable. 


I forwarded my reply to the previous helpful guy to this new pera on who didn’t bother to read. Hopefully I’ll make some headway this time! 

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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I always believe its a EA servers problem, when the servers down, some accounts are more affected than others and reset to level 1, attach a screenshot, 1. it's the suggestions of one EA agent, clear your cache often and force close the app when your not play, I do this after my last rolledback, so if the servers down maybe your account will be not affect.


Others pics are from Downdectector, one graphic are from 8 January, some friends their accounts reset in coincidence in that day, other graphic its 20 December, the massive resets accounts was 19 December when more people joined to this conversation, maybe start that day, but the nex day, the number of reports in downdetector its huge

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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Ok, I see more people with this bug in FB and others forums groups, one day everybody will experiment this bug, I write my steps for "What to do when your game reset to level 1" in my experience.


(Update 26/02/19)


1. Always keep a screenshot of your Id Player and save in your device and cloud.
2. Take screenshots often about your game, currencies, storage....that things
3. Clear your cache often.


When the game save your progress:

1.Level up
2. New home style level
3. Make sims ( or retire sims and promote new ones)
4. Hosted parties


I am not pretty sure but apparently
5. Give stickers for the game force save your progress.


When happens:

1. Quickly soft reset your device as soon as you see the Create a Sim screen‬
‪2. Turn on your device‬
‪3. Clear cache‬
‪4. Open your game


This not testing by me, but you can tried, if not works you need contact with EA support it's the only way to have your progress back :/

***Please don't delete the app, this not solve this bug***

if you delete the app by mistake:
1. When the cloud option show you, please select from the cloud, even if says level 1 ( it's your old game, but level 1), these way the app install with the old id.

How to contact with EA


1. You can make the Initial Tutorial if you want to be sure your game it's already connect to Game Center or Google Play or you dont know your id Player, probably you can see your friends, so it's your same game with new Level 1, it's not necessary do the tutorial if your not want.


2. Open the tab of Help from the panel of control and request help direct from the app and make a case, also if you don't do the tutorial you can make a case from EA Help page web.

2.1 When your open a new case select, technical issues>lost progress


2.2 The EA people manage a lot of games, so they really don't know sometimes what to do, so you need tell them what to do, you can write something like this:

"Hi, I was play normal (date and hour) with my game and today ( date and hour) start as a new one from the beginning tutorial, my game it's already connect with my Game Center, FB and EA accounts, so it's not a cloud problem, I do the basics steps for ios Problems but dont work.

Can you please roll back  my progress in the most recently date your has save in your server??
I know some players get back their progress, when ask for help and EA rolled back their progress a date before they happens

I attach a image of my id player and my game before of my game reset ( attach a image of your id and one of your game, maybe a imagen of your new game level 1).



For fast Help:


3. if in your Country it's available the phone calls better make a phone call with your number of case.

3.1 You can request Help from EA Help FB page with your number of case, ( if you not make a case, they will request you make a new one)


4. Some agents will tell you, you need to do the tutorial and download your game from the cloud, so explaint IT'S ALREADY CONNECTED, and it's a bug, please don't delete the app.

4.1 Some agents will tell you, your lost your account, you better close the case and open a new one or contact with other people.


5. ALWAYS request a roll back your progress.


When EA roll back your progress

1. Force close the app in all your devices and not play, it's very important force close the app when EA roll back your game or can fail.

some EA people can say "log out" its means force close the app, not log out from Game Center or Google Play


2. When EA roll back your game, means you will lose progress if you have luck could be a day or two, but sometimes this a month or more.

Always EA roll back your account in your last hosted party in the most of cases.


3. Take a screenshots of your purchases and EA give you purchases back, sometimes you need a new case only for this.



1. Force close the app a lot can make your game more glitched
2. The days when it's more common to have this bug:
Mondays and Wednesdays when the stickers and host parties resets, when the stickers contest reset in the middle of week and a new update this near.


if somebody have more suggestions can comment

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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Losing progress can be super frustrating, but please don't worry! I’ve summarised some solutions that might help resolve issues with the game resetting. Note that some of these may not work for everyone, and that these came from my experience and other players.


Please ensure that you’ve clicked the ‘Me too’ button so that team can fix the bug soon. They are aware about the issue and it would be helpful if you could include any details before you had the reset, along with the date you lost progress, and your player ID here in this thread. 





In order to restore your progress, you must take note of your player ID (find out here). 


Your game must also be connected to GameCentre, GooglePlay, Facebook, Twitter or EA.


  • If your game is not connected to an account, you cannot have your game back. Unfortunately, there is no process in restoring guest accounts.


  • If you do not have your player ID, it is still best to contact Customer Service and ask for help. In some cases, they may ask for your IP Address so that they can restore your game progress.


  • If you've made any in-app purchases be sure to take a screen shot of the receipts. 




  • Contact Customer Service. This is the best way in getting your game back. Always ask Customer Service for a roll back to the day before you lost progress. Sometimes they'll say they can't restore your progress because "there's no backup available on the server". I suggest ending that case and creating a new one so that a different adviser can help get your game back. If your game is connected, there should be a backup available on the server.


  • If you’ve made any in-app purchases, send screen shots of the receipts to Customer Service. You can find out here if you’re unsure on how to send the attachments. Once you get your game back, select the Restore Purchases from settings.
  • Do not delete the app. If you've done so already, reinstall the game and complete the tutorial. Connect your game with the correct login credentials and a "Welcome Back" message will pop up. Select your old game, even if it states 'Level 1'. This will take you back to 'Create your first Sim' (if you’ve done nothing to the reset game). Complete the tutorial, then contact Customer Service from the settings in the menu.


  • If you fear that completing the tutorial will overwrite your old progress, you can always contact help from the EA Help website.

         EA Help




You can contact Customer Service from the game. Select ‘Help’ in the settings (the panel on the right) and it will direct you to the help website. Select the green button 'Contact Us' at the bottom. You can choose to call or email Customer Service. If you are contacting by email, an adviser will get in touch with you within 24 hours. If Customer Service has not replied within the 24 hours, I would suggest ending the current case and creating a new one - this can be done through the official help website under ‘Manage your account’ and ‘My cases’ (note that you must login or register to see your cases).


If you can't contact from the game, you can also contact through EA's Official Help website by creating a new case here. You can select your country from the top right corner if you’re contacting from a different region.




Please note that these are only suggestions that have come from other players. This applies for those who have lost game progress before:


  • Avoid force closing the app. This is going to differ for everyone. From my experience, the game is more likely to restart.


  • Don’t delete the app


  • On MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS, try avoid opening the game when sticker contests and parties reset (as suggested by @laurizta). 


Next time you lose progress again, follow the steps below (thanks to @laurizta and the discord group):


Firstly, it is recommended that you learn how to soft reset your device in case this happens to you and you can soft reset immediately before your glitched version of game saves to the server. A soft reset is different to a normal/hard reset. Make sure you learn how to do soft reset. You should also learn how to clear the cache on your device.


  1. Quickly soft reset your device as soon as you see the Create a Sim screen.
  2. Turn on your device
  3. Clear cache
  4. Open your game

If the steps above didn’t work, contact Customer Service.


For support, please visit the EA Help website. For instructions on how to use the EA Help services, please refer to How to use EA Help.





You can save progress by connecting the game to an account. (You can find out more here).


A backup of your game is taken onto a server. When contacting Customer Service, they’ll ask for a roll back and restore your progress by taking these saves. Unfortunately they may not be updated every day so when getting your game back, you could lose a few days/weeks of game progress.



Trying some steps below might help update your game save to the server:


  • Host parties
  • Reach a new level
  • Reach a new lifestyle
  • Make new sims
  • Give stickers


You can also read through other posts in this thread that may be helpful to you.



Note: I’ve accepted this post as a solution so that I could ‘pin’ it to the top for everybody to see. Most of these are only suggestions from other players and are not solutions that’ll restore your progress. I hope you all get your progresses back.


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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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Great post!!! I have different experience about force close the app, After a Month later and my game not restart ( very long time for me) and I believe if you force close the app when you do not play, when the servers down, your game could stay safe, its my opinion, still testing, its hard to know when your game could restart

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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Thanks @laurizta!

I felt that the solutions were all over the place in this thread. I wish I could accept two or more posts but since I can only accept one, I’ve decided to add all of the solutions to one post and ‘pin’ it to the top for everyone else to see. It’s sort of like a summary to what we’ve discussed so far.

However I couldn’t find an exact solution to everybody’s situation. It may depend on the type of device they’re using or the connection. But like I’ve mentioned in the post, these suggestions came from my own experience and may not work out for everybody else.. Frown

I also want to say a huge thank you for adding your suggestions here in the thread. They are extremely helpful and I’m sure that it will help other players out there who are experiencing the same issueStandard smile

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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thank you, I am believe your post it’s very helpful, I share your post in the discord groups I am member, I think you make a good work, I hope EA make a solution in the future for this terrible bug, if somebody read this have this bug, please coment or click “Me Too” option for EA not ignore the problem, the  “Accepted Solution” its  a temporarly solution

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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Hello @Ploofin. This is quite late to post but have you managed to get your game back to where you wanted it to be? I know Customer Service hasn’t been the greatest help but I would advise contacting @EAHelp from Twitter and they’ll get your game back to the latest.

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

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Hey @HatsuneLotus,


A summary from my side:


  1. They did a roll-back against my wishes to 13 November 2018 which is just under a month’s worth of game play lost. 
  2. They managed to give me a refund of my purchase (1250 SC, 50 Cupcakes, 200 Fashion Gems, 16k Simoleons) but without the cupcakes and fashion gems. Final Refund & Compensation: 3475 SC & 16k Simoleons as they said they could not compensate cupcakes and gems, so they gave me the SC equivalent. I did the math and based on the price of Cupcakes and gems (at most expensive prices, i.e. smallest quantity), my Final Compensation: 475 SC. 
  3. They said they would give 600 SC and revised their statement to 500 SC as compensation of which I guess they decided to skimp on 25 SC. 
  4. They also mentioned that there was going to be compensation for my lost Halloween and winterfest items but they never gave anything on that.

What helped:

  1. Not all people are created equal and this is never truer for EA staff. I was cycled through at least 8 people of which 2 seemed like they were helpful. Keep writing in until someone has enough comprehension to understand your query and what you want. The other 6 made me feel like squishing a pillow in frustration. 
  2. Once you find a helpful person, reply quickly and try to resolve it within a day. I’ve noticed that if you wait even one day later, your follow up email will be transferred to someone else who will probably be useless, forcing you to repeat step 1.
  3. Be prepared to lose your things. No point getting the false idea that they will be able to help you. Being optimistic will lead to exasperation due to their incompetence.
  4. If you bought something, make sure they refund you by providing the relevant receipts. As mentioned, you need to find a helpful person first as even a basic refund was beyond the comprehension for most of their staff. 

Where I am now: I’ve more or less quit playing this game for the time being. The amount of literal sh** I had to go through only to be offered a paltry form of compensation for all the things I lost, has made me lose interest in this.


I saw your earlier post and will try to contact them through twitter to see if I can get enough to get back to where I was at least. Thank you!

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Re: Game progress reset to level 1

Community Manager (retired)

Hey @Ploofin 


I just wanted to address a few of your concerns.


Again, I can only apologise that you had to contact our live support multiple times and go through conversations with a few game advisers in order to be provided with a resolution to your problem. You also pointed out that not every agent seemed to be helpful or understood what your problem is - I'm afraid that's the human element of every live support Frown I'm not trying to excuse anyone, because you shouldn't have gone through so many contacts about only one issue, so thank you for being patient and sticking with us thought this whole uneasy process.


Like I mentioned before, not every case is an easy one to solve and yes, we might sometimes not be able to restore everything - not because we don't want to, we simply don't have the right tools or there are some technological restrictions. But if possible, we always try to compensate the players in other ways.


One more time, thank you for reaching out to us and explaining your situation in details, even if we couldn't do much on the forums to help you directly Disappointed



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