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Re: Game not loading

by DarkBanishing

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Game not loading

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Hi all. I’m a paying customer and Guild Leader.  I attempted to login in to finish my fleet arena battles and set TW orders but I keep getting errors when logging in, so, I could finish my fleet arena climb before my payout. I know things happen but now I missed out a lot of in game currency and cupaus d headaches with setting TW orders and defenses.


ally code is 164974812. I’m the GL for TEP_Dathomir. 


Biscuit Weazel

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Re: Game not loading

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Same here--can't seem to be able to connect at all.

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Re: Game not loading

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Same here. The game was working just fine a few hours ago. Then i tried logging back in at 2:00 pm and it would not load. I Checked my internet speed, there seemed to be no problem. I tried on my phone and disconnected WiFi, still nothing. I have not been able to get back in.


I am using an iPad Air 2 and iPhone 8 with the current updates installed.

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Re: Game not loading

Hi @Tonyrob715762 , @tcmitchell21 , @SuperCoolNothing 


There was a problem with SWGoH servers for iOS devices recently.


I don't work for EA. If a post solved your problem, please accept it as a solution and grant XP.

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