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Re: Game locks after ea splash screen

by EA_Kent

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Game locks after ea splash screen

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Started happening today and haven't been able to play. After the EA splash screen I get just a black screen and nothing else. I did get a gfx driver update yesterday but was able to play last night. Maybe turning off the pc for the night and turning it back on did something?  I did all the usual install/uninstall the game, reinstall gfx driver, rolled back driver, boot reboot multiple times, also tried the repair option for the game with no change. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Game locks after ea splash screen

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Hey @throw_the_corn

When you've got the chance can you try setting up a Clean Boot on your PC to see if that helps at all? If there's something else running on the PC that might be causing this to happen that might help. 

For more details on how to set one up check out the EA Help site. Let me know if you're still having the same issues after that. Thanks!




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