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Game lagging and do not know what to do


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Game lagging and do not know what to do

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I have been playing Apex Legends every day since the game lauched and have had no unusual problems with the game other than the normal lag at the start of the match. Yesterday however (23. March 2019) i started having a lot of problems with lag which lasted all game. My internett is working fine as i am able to play both Overwatch and Titanfall 2 perfectly fine without any issues. I have tried to restart my PC and router, i flushed my DNS and i deleted and reinstalled the game, nothing fixed my issue. I therefore think there is something wrong with the game. I know the game has suffered from a lot of lag, but it has never been as bad as it is now for me. I started playing yesterday soon after i woke up and the lag has been going on since then. I have most likely played at least 50 games. The wierd thing is that some of the games as perfectly fine and there is no lag, but the next match again the lag comes back. my games are either normal or very laggy, most of the times laggy. I have also tried to switch servers. I have been playing on Frankfurt 1, Frankfurt 2, Amsterdam and London servers but it is the same every single time, most of the times its laggy, but sometimes its perfectly fine. 


Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any way for me to play the game normal again? I really need help, this is the only game i like playing right now and i really want it to work.

Please help me, anything helps! 


Thank you for your time! 

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Re: Game lagging and do not know what to do

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I haven't tried reinstalling. I did however repair the game, switched data center to london, amsterdam and frankfurt 1 and 2 since i live in norway and those have the lowest ping for me. Your problem is identical to mine. I don't even bother queueing up because it is absolutely unplayable. My internet provider is Tafjord, and some of my friends have different internet providers but still experience the same issue so i dont know what to think anymore.

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Re: Game lagging and do not know what to do

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Same for me. Ive done all the steps above + some other things like netsh winsock reset/netsh int ip reset and nothing helps. Totaly unplayable atm. Please fix asap. Firestorm launching tomorrow and I dont want this game to lose players. Wondering

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Re: Game lagging and do not know what to do

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me problem since thursday but ping to game server is 29

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Re: Game lagging and do not know what to do

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I Tried using a VPN, the obnoxious server lagg disappeared but you will have to deal with an extra 40 ping, maybe less depending on what VPN you're using. It's playable this way but it just a temporary fix.

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Re: Game lagging and do not know what to do

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I have the same problem, althought I play on PS4.

90% of the Apex Legends game I play are so laggy....other 10% run smooth.

I have tried everything: opening ports, enabling UPNP, configuring DMZ, reinstalling game, disconnecting any usb device....but it still is very laggy.

I am also European, so I play on European servers

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