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Game keeps crashing, progress disappears

by McMikeus

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Game keeps crashing, progress disappears

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My game has been crashing constantly since the last update, and every time I resume play, I lose any progress I had made in the last few hours. 


The latest crash has reset my game back more than a full day. I’ve lost Simcash, sweet treat rewards, Llamazoom tickets, purchased items, thousands of simoleons, as well as a lot of progress in different stories. 


Absolutely fed up with losing my game progress and rewards, and having to restart tasks, but this latest crash takes the cake. 

How is it even possible that I lose over a day’s worth of progress and all those rewards?!

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Re: Game keeps crashing, progress disappears

Have you been in contact with EA? Do you have a stable internet connection? To what back up options is your game connected (Facebook, Twitter, EA account and/or Game Center)?
Could you open a new post in the bug forum for this?

You can find the bug forum over here:


do not work for EA



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