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Game freezes during battle

by AlexeiTheWise

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Game freezes during battle

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Here is my problem:

Already in 2 GA match-ups I got a super nice frozen screen on battle start.

I do not know if the devs play the game, but it is super frustrating when you plan the attack phase bit by bit and it all goes down the drain on the first battle.

And it is not only the fact that you lost a team, and the enemy is still standing, but it is also the fact that you lose point, points that count towards the victory of the match, points that count towards general progress in GA, feats progress as well.

All the troubleshooting works only for a "session" and then it all comes back again!

Should I always restart the device before planning of entering the game? Loved the part about clearing the game cache though, after it wants to download again some data and sets up the cache again Standard smile should I clear cache every battle(Squad Arena, Fleet Arena, GA battle, TB battle, TW battle) to be sure it will not freeze up?


Due to game growth and some devices not being any more supported, I even changed the phone to be able to keep playing and what? Yes I do play, but for some reason(s) I either give my opponents advantage over me or I hurt my guild being unable to complete guild objectives!!!


Com on...being a different type of dev myself and seeing the amount of bugs that goes live, it makes me think that there are no testing mechanism to any of the releases. But we get gear updates one after the other. And I know that gear updates are not the devs who push it but the Chrises Moneymakers from the next room, but still...I just drives me mad!!!

Please CG, make a good product, it is hard to enjoy it with the massive paywalls as is, dont make it impossible.

If you want to block, ban or compensate:
Ally code : 568-698-331
Player ID : RocGz8fJQ1qS3ji4EuKP3A

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Re: Game freezes during battle

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Got lucky, opponent frozen twice.
But still sad as the match was meant to be 'efficiency win'. Neither of us could do our best Frown

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Re: Game freezes during battle

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I am sorry to hear that 🙁. In the past I also had the same problem. Therefore I disconnected with the WiFi and connected again, so that my device was trying to connect from new and usually it has worked. I didn’t have to restart the entire game. It was bringing me back at the same point I left with the only difference that some time was gone.


Also, if you want to show your complain to the CG_Dev Team then I would do it in the Forum. Sometimes, even when it is not very often, CG actually replies on posts. Yesterday was the last time I saw them answering about a players Issue. Asking for his ally-code to investigate. You can also direct message them. But I don’t know if they read it.


EA is also offering troubleshooting steps for such problems, have you tried those?



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