Game don't want to start/Crash at launch

by Gamma-Wolf-515

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Re: Game crash upon launching

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dxdiag details

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Re: Game crash upon launching

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I've been experiencing the exact same issue and its the games BIGGEST issue. EA please fix your product so the masses can enjoy it.

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Re: Does not Launch/Open

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Sorry to hear you're having some trouble getting the game to launch @SgtKilowog.


There may be some troubleshooting steps we can try if the game won't even open initially, but we've seen a number of examples of systems not meeting the minimum requirements so that may be good to check first.


Are you able to attach a DxDiag file of your system so we can get a bit more information about this? Thanks! 

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Re: Does not Launch/Open

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here is the file

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Re: Does not Launch/Open

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@EA_Mako For me stop launching after reinstall of windows ;-)
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Re: Does not Launch/Open

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Thanks for including that @SgtKilowog.


Are you able to check these steps to make sure your system is using your dedicated GPU and not defaulting to the integrated GPU? Your setup should definitely be able to handle this, so we'd want to make sure the correct GPU's being utilized appropriately here.


It also may help to try a clean boot of your system after that point to see if there are any other programs or processes potentially preventing the launch.

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Re: Game crash upon launching

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Same probleme, the game crash the second when I launch the game with no error message.

delete the PCDX12 file change nothing.

up for visibility

I've try everything but no solution

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Re: Game crash upon launching

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i hope tomorrow it will work

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Re: Does not Launch/Open

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Delete the two files with DX12 in their name in the following locations:

...\Need for Speed Unbound\shadercache (where you installed the game)

...\Documents\Need For Speed(TM) Unbound\cache


You might need to delete the new dx12 cache file in documents everytime you want to launch the game.

For some reason the generic dx12 cache file interferes with loading the game (story mode etc.) properly for many people.


Have fun^^

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First make sure you uninstall EA Play and install Origin. Link for Origin is down in the descreption.

After that install Need for speed unbound through Origin.

2 things can happen right now. Either the game launches and then after character creation it crashes or it wont launch at all.

Lets start off with the second option the game doesnt even start.

First click on your shortcut of the game, propreties, open file location.

Now when we know where our game is we will need to open our nvidia control panel. If you are a amd user i cant show you how to set it up but i will assume you have the ability to set it up maybe in a diffrent way.

Now go to manage 3D settings and select the need for speed unbound exe. If you dont have in here click on add, browse and input the location of the game we copied from before.

If you are using EA Play subspcrition select the trail version of the game. But if you are using the EA Pro subscription or you bought the game select the normal one.

After that we need to change these 3 settings. In the opengl rendering gpu select your MAIN graphics card. Set the other 2 like this and you should be able to launch the game.

Now make sure to run the game. It might crash again but launching the game is needed since that creates the files that we will need to delete.

Next step is to go to the documents, Need for speed unbound folder, cache and remove the PcDx.12. The numbers at the start may vary but it doesnt matter.

But we are not finished. Now you will have to go to the main Need for speed unbound folder again. Here open shadercache and delete the PcDx12 file.

If you have done everything correctly now the game shouldnt crash. If the game works fine and you quit and relaunch the game the PcDx12 files may appear again causing the game to not launch or crash again so just delete it everytime you are about to start the game. Sadly we will just have to wait for EA to fix it so we dont have to delete the files everytime.

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