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Game does not start after updating to 1.5.0

by Player_ri0dvl9q

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Game does not start after updating to 1.5.0

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Phone: OnePlus 5 running on Android 7.1.1

After updating to 1.5.0 on Apr 24, game freezes on the loading screen (picture of mammoth tank, predator, titan, orca, etc.). The 3 loading dots freeze animation.

No issues prior to the update.


Uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted multiple times.



1) Installation from Google Play takes an abnormally long amount of time after downloading (10-15 minutes of installing)

2) On the first run, sometimes it will ask for my age, sometimes it doesn't

3) On the first run, sometimes it will go to a screen to ask about which account to load (blank new account, or the existing one linked to my Google Play account). I click select account, it pops up the secondary popup to confirm to select the account, the game is sluggish to react, and once clicked on "select account" on the secondary popup, game will freeze like that indefinitely.

4) After prompting for nothing, age, and/or which account to select, the game will freeze on the loading screen.


I've attempted about 20 times over 24 hours without change in behaviour.

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Re: Game does not start after updating to 1.5.0

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Seen this result happen before in one of my attempts, but the current attempt (new) and result:


Install v1.4.4, start it up. Runs fine, but prompts to upgrade upon loading.

Click on Update and it updates through Google Play.

This part I've seen before: I get an error message "Server Connection Failed", "An error occurred while downloading game configuration."

This is not the same as "EA Server Connection Failed" that I've seen in the forums in two other threads, this is "Server Connection Failed".


I have tried a variety of cases on data vs. on wifi.

My phone is not full on storage (~17GB free).

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Re: Game does not start after updating to 1.5.0

EA Live QV Team

Hey @Player_ri0dvl9q thanks for reaching out! Sorry you're facing this issue. Do you happen to know your Persona ID? A 13 digit number that was in Settings > About. If not, do you know your in game name? Thanks!

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Re: Game does not start after updating to 1.5.0

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I noticed that at intermittent times (3 times over a course of a few hours), my phone would screen off then reload to my launcher screen (GO Launcher) and ask for my screen pattern (not just my fingerprint). This is typical of when I first boot, so I think my GO Launcher was resetting itself. I froze GO Launcher using Titanium Backup, ran Rivals from stock launcher, and things were ok since. I unfroze GO Launcher and Rivals still works. Strange, but issue seems to be resolved. Let me know if you still need my user ID.

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Re: Game does not start after updating to 1.5.0

EA Live QV Team

Thanks for the update @Player_ri0dvl9q much appreciated. Glad you got back into the game. If I could still have your ID that would be great, there may be some logs that help us identify what happened. Feel free to DM me if you prefer. Thanks!

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