Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

by Straatford87

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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@EA_Atic Hey Atic, another problem has occurred for me now along with the crash.


So, Series X version is still crashing and as a result I decided to just play with the Xbox One version until it's fixed. However, I play one match, and it reverts my load out back to default. Then when it comes to the pre-mission deployment screen, I can only select a specialist. I can't modify a load out, change my weapon, choose gadgets or anything. Just the operator, and when deployed, that operator enters the game with default equipment.


As for the series X edition crash, I've done a bit more research. Amongst all those I've spoken to in the last 24 hours who have had this issue (121 people to be exact), every single one of them report that their Xbox Series X cooling fan seems to be louder and spinning harder when trying to play the Series X edition of Battlefield 2042 than any other game. I have asked them to try a different game such as Forza Horizon 5, and even to try and play the Xbox One version to see if the fan changes in sound, and everyone who did this (64 of the 121) stated that their fan was noticeably louder, faster, and didn't appear to change speed, whereas when running the series X version and Forza, they report that it will get louder very rarely if at all, and if it does appear to spin a little faster, this occurs for only a few seconds before returning to normal near-silent running, but it is constantly high speed and loud from when they first boot up BF2042 X/S until the point at which it crashes.




You guys need to get on this fast in case it causes irreparable damage to console hardware.



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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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So just tried playing last night from a cold start console, and tried to play a 128 player conquest game on Portal server was packed full, spawn in (this was 5 minutes pretty much exactly from booting the console to joining the game) ran around for 45-ish seconds before the green to black screen then console shut off, I have optimal ventilation, no dust around the console, the console wasn't even hot, nothing is plugged in other than the Xbox HDMI and Power Cable, I am using the stock wireless Xbox Series X controller. I boot the system back on no over heat warning (NOT A HEATING ISSUE) and I boot the game again this time I log into All Out War 128 players (full-ish server again) and again I run around for 2-3ish minutes this time on break away almost make it to the oil rig and again console shuts down.


I got frustrated and opened Forza Horizon 5, played for 2-3 hours with my friends NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.


I come back later in the night to play BF2042 yet again this time playing in Portal on a 128 player server filled half with players and half with bots and the game ran fine no issues, I went and played a game of conquest 1942 with lower player count and it was fine, went to a game of BFBC2 on Portal and again fine in a smaller player count Rush game.


I don't want to say I'm doing better troubleshooting than DICE but seriously what is with the silent treatment, PEOPLE PAID FULL PRICE FOR THIS GAME AND THEY CAN BARELY PLAY IT. We raised the issue during the Beta and no one at EA listened (what's the point of a Beta then). And now it's too late before release, This is not acceptable.

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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@oblemisis No sorry, that doesn't apply to me.
I know more than enough who had the same problem but did not have the problem with the fan. And only in Battlefield 2042. I come from Germany and I speak only for the Guys in Germany. If that were the case, then every Xbox Series X would have to be broken That's *.
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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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I have just tried to play again then but as soon as I play all out war it just has severe frame rate issues where it is unplayable and then crashes - I will refrain from playing in case the console has damage done to it 

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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Where is ea tech support? 

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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Same issue. Series X. Ultimate version. Game runs hard and I get frame drops. Then sometimes it freezes and 99% of the time I dashboards my Xbox. Gets really laggy and rubber bandy with the connection, frames drop, and that means a crash is imminent. Seems like a memory leak or something. 

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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It’s weekend… do you aspect something? Really?..

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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Hi everyone,


We are aware of some Battlefield 2042 players on Xbox Series X experiencing a full console shutdown crash during gameplay. Based on our active investigation with Microsoft, this crashing is caused by a system issue which is also impacting FIFA, Madden, and NBA2k players.


An optional update targeted to resolve related crashing issues will be available to all Xbox Series X players starting November 17, and as mandatory update on November 23.


If you notice you are experiencing these crashes, you can already download this update in the OMEGA Ring as part of the Xbox Insider Program, here.

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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Thank you for clarifying and giving us details, look forward to seeing if this solves the issue.

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Re: Game crashes my Xbox Series X

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@Straatford87 Appreciate the communication DICE team, thanks for your efforts.
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