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Game crash when leaves house

by archdukereg

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Re: Game crash when leaves house

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I'm experiencing the same thing. Updated the game and a few hours later it crashes when trying to leave the home for parties, work or events.

One of my sims was at work in the market square and the other was doing a hobby at home.  

Ive managed to get them both home but now they cant leave.


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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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My game was running done until an hour ago. Then it started to crash when I tried to leave my home lot.
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Sims mobile wont’ load

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My sims mobile keeps crashing, everytime I try to open and play it just shuts down, it has been doing this the whole day. I have tried everything from restarting my phone, restarting the app, uninstalling the app to redownload it, clear my browser history, everything, you name it! My Ios and game is up to date so I don’t get the issue. Please help I really want to play!
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Game crashes immediately on launching

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i started playing 2 days ago. Everything was great before yesterday's update. My game started to crash every time i went to other scenes from home, and then I would re-open the app and i could go. 

The last time my 3 Sims were working, and i went to change appearance screen. i closed the app. When i tried to re-open it, game crashes on the launching screen. Since then, i haven't been able to play the game.

I have tried re-installing the game and switching from iPad Air to iPhone X, Both my advices have iOS 11.3. I have also tried the troubleshooting list. I tried to log into my account on my friend's device as well. Nothing has worked.

Player ID: 1003085608012

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018


I've been having problems with my game asking me Where's the network? and I posted a question about it yesterday but it happened again tonight however now I'm also having the "Stuck at home " problem. I posted this under my original question but it might help on this thread also so I'm posting here too.


It's not my modem. This has been happening a lot and way before I installed the update. Although, now I'm also having the problem where I can't leave the Home lot. Right before this new problem happened, it asked me "Where's the network?" I closed the game, force stopped it, cleared the cache and did a hard reboot of my device. When I went back into the game, I had a SIM at home and I called another one home from the Civic Center to interact with a toddler. I then tried to send the SIM that was originally home to work. When I did that the Sims Mobile Splash screen came up (the one that appears when we are switching locations) and then the "The Sims Mobile has stopped" error screen came up. I've been able to reopen the app but the 2 Sims are still stuck at home, 1 SIM is Downtown at the Club working, and 1 is at the Market Square working at the fashion place. I updated the game yesterday and didn't have any problems except for the Where's the Network? bug. The SIM that was originally home just finished reaching level 10 in the cooking hobby and had completed the final hobby task to reach 100%. The other 3 Sims had been working at their jobs and just completed a quick shift.  When I updated the game yesterday, all 4 Sims were at their jobs working quick shifts.




My game is on an ASUS ZenPad. 


I hope this helps.

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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Hello. I’ve recently installed the latest update for the sims mobile. Since then, everytime I send my sim out to do tasks or just change their clothes, I get kicked out of the game. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, closing the app from my home screen, restarting my phone. Nothing works!? Please help 😔
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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Pretty sure my sims was doing their work when I updated the app yesterday. Helppppp I really wanna go play my sims again.
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Crashing when leaves home lot

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Still crash when leave home lot, change appearance ,click home tree pictures, izzy fashion store.. When will EA team can solve this? Thankyou
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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I’m guessing EA games aren’t in a hurry to fix this as it’s been 24 hours now for some of us. Is there a way we can request a refund of the money that we have spent on this game, as it clearly isn’t functioning as it should and I am thinking of deleting and looking fir an alternative?
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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If I remember correctly, when I updated my game, one of my sim was in a cooking hobby event, I think one of my sim was at home in a relationship event very close(just a few sec, I think) to the end of the event, and my third sim... I don’t know, but I think she was also at home. After the update, I throw a wedding party, and I was able to go with one of my sims to a party, then go home. After 10-15 minutes I want to go back to my friend’s party, then my game just closed. After this, every time, when I want to go somewhere, or tried to open the family tree, the game closed. Later that day I deleted and reinstalled the game, and when I tried to promote my sim, the game closed. I open the game, and tried to promote my sim again(second time from the reinstall), and this time, after a few seconds of waiting, the family tree opened. I didn’t believe my eyes, but was very happy:D And since then, my game works well. Also, I didn’t get my fashion gems from Izzy after the last week’s contest, but that is an other story.
I’m playing on Iphone SE (and my ios is up to date)
Edit: before you reinstall your game, please, be sure, you are connected to the game center or facebook, if you don’t want to lose your progress!
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