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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

by rustyding

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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My Sim was doing the sports/fitness event in the market place.
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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My sims were working in the cafe/ fashion store when it updated. It worked fine all day then crashed last night when I tried to go from the house to the workplaces when my sims completed their shifts. Now it won’t even load at all, on both my iphone 8 and ipad mini 2.
Please fix asap!
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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I was able to play normally for 1-2 hours after updating, even completed several activities such as work shifts or hobby practice if I recall correctly. These were mostly "quick" work shifts or "quick" practice sessions, but there may have been maybe one or two special hobby advancement practice sessions in the mix as well.
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Re: Game crash when leaves house

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My game won’t even open now.  The home screen comes up as if it is loading, and then the music skips like a broken record, and then the app closes. This is as of 6pm EST. I noticed issues this morning when I opened the game - game would crash when I tried to leave the house. I updated last night, sent my sims to work for the night, and they were done with their jobs when I opened the game this morning. I was unable to click on two out of the three, because the game would crash when I tried to go to their job location. But I was able to somehow Call Over one of my sims from the medical profession. Now I can’t open the game at all.


Game ID screenshot saved from when I reported previous bug, attached. Playing on the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

[ Edited ]
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It was happened approximately 4 hours i updated the sims mobile new version. This issue already takes 10 hours.
I have followed the checklist that your team advices including reinstalled the application, cleared my safary history, updated iOS version, checked my internet connection and shut down the iPhone.
I also tried changing a notification.
However, it doesnt work. My 1 sim got stuck in the house can not go anywhere and even can not change the appearance.
And 1 another finished her work but i can not ‘go there’ to collect the reward and take her home/ keep she working.
Fyi, using on iPhoneX.

Today (20th apr), we cant even acess the application, dear.
Only once asked me to select my age, then crashed again.

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Re: Game crashes when opening

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It was working fine before update and was until today. First started crashing and closing app when I left my house now crashes and closes app when i open game. Can't get past the opening screen. My screen name is Archduke Reginald
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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Yes, I was able to play the game normally after the update. Only after a while, only after I experienced the network failed or something, repeatedly, it started to drag from there.

Hopefully, our progress starting from the update will still be saved cos I have completed like two stories and just opened a third slot. And I din get the chance to note down my game id T_T
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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After updating new version, i still can played normaly for a few hours but I already feel something was wrong when i tried to moving my room & stuff.. The saving time system becomes lagging and more unstable like usual did.. Suddenly my room was disappeared but my stuff still there.. After a few hours i couldn't go to another place in map & my friends house.. When i tried to go to market, my screen only appear TSM logo and freezing.. At that time I still can re-log into the game but the big problem is when i tried to change the 4th sim appearance, my screen become freezing & i can't log in anymore.. My 1st/2nd/3rd sim were having relationship event but 4th sim was not in any event.. It's better if we can only have 1 account for 1 ID to play.. Not like when we reinstall we must create new sims and after reaching level 2 we just able relog old sims.. So many low level which isn't used it become trash in game.. Pls do maintenance every week to maintain game performance, not only update new version.. I couldn't log in so i don't know my ID..
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Re: Game crash when leaves house

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My game encountered the same problem right after the update. Can't even go to work , attend parties, visit other places. Basically can't leave the house
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - April 17th, 2018

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***Having same issue, maybe this will help:
I also noticed that the game crashes when you click on the family tree picture.
1 sim doing yoga, 1 working fasion, empty 3rd sim but had a toddler
Tried clearing cache, all data, reinstalling and have same issue
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