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Game constantly freezing and crashing

by Dark_penguin_64

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Game constantly freezing and crashing

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I would say about 3 out of 5 games I play I end up in a situation where my game will make a violent noise and then the game timer in the top left will freeze and I will then shortly after disconnect from the ea servers. This has become a regular problem for me and my friend who I am game sharing fifa 19 with and I feel this could be the problem l. It has become very annoying for us as we could be winning a game easily and this will happen and has resulted in us loosing many point in division rivals and squad battles. We have tried uninstalling the game and has not worked. if somebody could give us any advice on how to fix this it would be appreciated.

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Re: Game constantly freezing and crashing

Community Manager

@Dark_penguin_64 Hey there, can you get us a video of this happening by chance?

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