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Re: Game center linking - SWGOH

by Grandepatron

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Game center linking - SWGOH

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I have recently got a new iPhone and I am trying to link my SWGOH progress to game centre in order to play the game on my new phone. I have linked it to two separate accounts and each time I open the game on the new phone it automatically links the new phone to my game centre and I lose all my progress.


is there a way around this?



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Re: Game center linking - SWGOH

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OK the first thing we need to do this.


On the old device make sure it linked to game center when you play with your older larger account

If not we need to fix this first. How to fix.  We need a new email address and we need to make one

The we need to make and apple id for the new email address. Make sure the old device had the new email as the one for game center in settings. 

Then we too launch SWGOH

The game will ask you if you want to link or merge the current game level 85 with this Game Center account

click yes


got to the new device

log into game center with this new email and new apple id you just created

open swgoh and you will be on the main big older account

if this does not work please reach out to me on Discord App friend me Grandepatron#7777  


We can set up a time to voice call and I will walk you through all the steps


This can be a difficult process if the steps are done out of order or if you miss the one and only time you are asked about the linking in SWGOH.

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