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Game Freezes Still Able to Turn but Not Move (Download Speed Maxes Out)

by TriggaDesignsYT

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Game Freezes Still Able to Turn but Not Move (Download Speed Maxes Out)

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So I'm hoping a lot of people are having this issue so they can fix it pretty quickly seeing as I can't even play this game comfortably.


Basically I will be in game and even if I'm just at the main menu, my internet will suddenly drop out occasionally and I can't hear or anything. When I'm in game, I'll stop where I'm at and everything will come to a halt in the match. I can't move but I can turn around. After analyzing this via task manager, I found that when this happens my downstream maxes out completely. (My download is 100Mb/s so it's not just slow speeds or an issue with the router.) I have come to the conclusion that it has to be something through the game or Origin. I'm actually leaning towards Origin possibly, seeing as it still does it as long as Origin is even open. When I close Origin, it stops altogether. I just thought I'd post this here and see if anyone else was having this issue as well. If you are confused by what I'm talking about feel free to reply and I'll try to expound on it. I did attach a picture as well of the screenshots if that helps.



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