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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

by Sleepwalker_VIE

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Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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As the title says my game crashes to desktop pretty regularly. It use to never do it in Strongholds but it's recently been doing it more and more.

Freeplay and Missions almost always do it which ends up costing me loot and full squad experience when it happens just before the mission/stronghold ends and I can't load the game back up fast enough. (Being able to skip the intro honestly might help a bit with this, just a suggestion.)

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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

Hey @Ronin_Volar


Thanks for the information you provided.


Here are some steps you can try:


1. Turn off the Origin in-game Overlay in the Origin Launcher, and any other Overlays you might be using such as Discord, Nvidia GeForce, etc.


2. Clear Origin Cache:


3. Uninstall/Reinstall Origin:


4. Clean Boot(To make sure there are no Background Apps interferring):


5. Run Origin and Anthem as Administrator


Let us know if any of these steps work for you.


Thanks Standard smile


- iluminate


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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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This is a Ryzen issue. There's a thread on Reddit about it. Doubt anything will be done about it.

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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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1. I only use the Origin In-game Overlay, no others but I'll give this a try and see what happens.

2. Have done this atleast twice in an attempt to fix the issue over the last month.

3. I'll keep this as an option if 1 doesn't pan out though I don't know why it would affect Anthem CTD.

4. Have done this since day 1 of my new PC build. I always keep everything off except for Microsoft services.

5. Had Anthem as Run as Administrator but I'll go ahead and set Origin up to do it as well.



Thanks for the steps, heres hoping one of them pans out.



Edit - Crashing is still occurring, it seems more sparse now but it truly hasn't been enough time to tell considering the first 50ish hours I played I never crashed and it just gradually got worse.

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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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People using AMD FX Processors and various Intel Processors are also having the same exact problem.

I'm not saying it's not a factor or that you're wrong but Multiple different Series are exhibiting the same problem.

Reddit has the Ryzen Thread while these Forums have an Intel Thread.
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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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I'm almost at a loss for words with these CTDs.


I just loaded the game, logged in and was chilling near the Daily/Weekly/Monthly npcs. I alt tabbed to check on this post and while I was looking at it Origin popped up and was like "Hey, you should launch Anthem."

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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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I have a Ryzen 5 1600 with a GTX1080. For about the first month I had no problems but then after one of the updates the game has been crashing every time I play. Tried all fixes mentioned in every forum under the sun. Still crashes. My system is fine and stable. I've checked it, numerous times.

 My wife has a AMD FX6350 with a GTX950. Never crashed. Ever. 


The games just broke unfortunately. Which is a shame because it can be proper fun.

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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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excuse me. you try unplug everything and wait around 10 min yet :0 ?

maybe it ESD issue out there 

i just run tyrant mine and temple of scar . and not crash . and i still on anthem during I text here :e



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Re: Game Crashes to Desktop Regularly

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Some crashes are also caused by ssd's as to a dev post. Some people moved the game to a HD and that fixed theyr crashes.


It would be sad if the game would crash because of an amd cpu and it wouldnt get fixed. But then again with EA everythings possible. :P

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