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Game Completely Broken since Saturday.

by mon-boys

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Game Completely Broken since Saturday.

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Game Completely Broken since Saturday. 


Since Saturday this game has been unplayable. Here is a massive list of bugs and issues and none of which have even been attempted to fix in the patch which has made it worse. 


Passing is now non existent 90% of passes are just kicked to the opposition, in stead of an easy pass players will just kick it to the opposition. Players are also turning 180 degrees and kicking it back to the opposition when the direction pad is aimed forward. 


Delays - massive delays in passing and shooting, any shots or passes are taking an eternity to do, players no longer have the ability to play a first time pass they take the ball and keep moving before even attempting to pass the ball, if you are lucky enough to even get them to pass as Most times they just hold the ball and do nothing waiting for the opposition to take the ball back. 


Positioning - players are no longer even attempting to stain in their position, no matter who the player, the team or the mode my left back is standing on the centre circle and runs away from the ball, my centre backs are swapping sides, running to the wings when not being controlled. My Strikers just stand in the centre circle and don't run. All AI players fail to move to space and run behind opposition players meaning its impossible to pass to them. 


AI PLAYERS do nothing, if they are not swapped to them (which is also not working) they just stand there and let players run past them or ignore a ball moving past them even with interceptions set to aggressive. Players also fail to move and Stand still on the pitch from their initial starting position. 


Keepers are refusing to move, or not diving and in more than one game my keeper has been chipped while standing on his own line, if they do save a shot its being pushing directly to opposition players. 


FBP players are impossible to tackle, even when a tackle is made the ball sticks to them and moves through defenders to drop right back to their feet. 


Players running with the ball just lose the ball as the ball stops moving. 


Pace and speed is no longer accurate, some teams are moving twice as fast as other, while forwards like Mbappe & Benzema with 99 speed are now slower than Gomes, Sol Campbell or Thiago Silva. 


Red cards are no longer given, in one game was fouled 4 times with a slide tackle while through on goal as the last man by the same player and they were not even booked. 


All keepers kick outs and throw out go directly to the opposition even when the directional button is hit. 


Division Rivals is drawing me against players 2-3 leagues higher in every game. 


From kick outs all forward players are standing offside and do not move back in line with the defenders. 


AI defenders are running back to keep players onside on the other side of the pitch, for example a left winger on the opposition making a run and the left back on my team running back to keep them onside. 


Managerial Masterpiece is being exploited by a huge number of players, despite the squad requirement of 79 teams have 5+ players over 90, a number over 85 and then bring more off the bench. 


The game has become a joke at this stage and is absolutely unplayable. 

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Re: Game Completely Broken since Saturday.

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Mate, game has been broken fr a lot longer than that. Controls are beyond a joke an oap could pass wind better than we can pass the ball on this game. Managerial masterpiece has become an absolute joke and I totally agree with you, they raised it 79 from 77 and has made it so much worse and no idea how folk are doing it. Its that bad folk are now using icons in this mode

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Re: Game Completely Broken since Saturday.

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I came here to write exactly this. I didn't play FUT Champs this weekend (thankfully) and I hadn't played FIFA since Wednesday of last week. Came on Sunday night and gameplay was the worst I have ever felt. I thought it might have been my connection but this even happens in squad battles (I played a game to test). Not sure what the problem is but I can't see myself getting back on FIFA and playing if this doesn't get fixed very soon. 

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