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Re: Game Breaking Feature

by xNiigWaardx

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Game Breaking Feature

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Please adjust the Anti-AFK meter in the game, it's way too fast to get disconnected from a match by just standing still inside the ring for like 2 minutes.


I was just looking around without moving near the edge of the ring with only 5 squads left then I suddenly got disconnected "due to inactivity" I was even moving my mouse before this happened, this is crazy for a Battle Royale game where camping is very common, I know this feature is added to discourage AFK XP farmers but it's way too abnormal for a BR game, like you have to move every minute even if it's unnecessary or else you get disconnected from the match. You guys need to fix this by either adding a Warning pop-up message for at least 5 minutes of complete inactivity (no feedback from the keyboard and mouse) or a simple Reconnect feature.

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Re: Game Breaking Feature

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Having the same issue, suddenly got disconnected without any warning twice from 2 matches by just waiting for some enemies to pass by, I was the only one left in my squad and I can't just mindlessly attack a whole team, strategic camping is impossible in this game because of this 1 minute anti-afk thing.
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Re: Game Breaking Feature

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I just wanted to throw my idea out there about onnnnneeeeeee litttlllleeeee thing they should/need to add to this game. And that is simply just one little setting to where you can either completely customize the button layout to anyway you please, or add one more setting on there that switches the aiming and shooting from the left and right triggers to the left and right bumpers like on bo4. I would love to be able to aim and shoot with the left and right bumpers. Please and thank you in advanced. Just a thought.

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