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GPU heating issue in BF2

by --FR4K4----59--

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GPU heating issue in BF2

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Hi guys, i just "relink" a great topic about how SW BF2 is making way too much heating on our GPU's, and to point it to EA in hope to get a fix soon.


i can play all the last new release game without any issue, and on this game, my GPU is overheating after 10 sec in the game menu, doiing a bad coil whine at launch and more...


BF2 is too hardware demanding on GPU and CPU side FOR NO REASON AT ALL , so please optimize your game, something is really wrong here.


i wasn't getting those issues during the beta, was running the game maxed out with no problem and now whatever graphical setting i choose, the hardware usage is always at 100%, in the game or in the menu's..   please fix it !!



I really hope they will look at this ASAP.

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Re: GPU heating issue in BF2

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was here any fix made?
I have this problem too...

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Re: GPU heating issue in BF2

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Does it help:

My last comment - I have limited my fps on my pc as a temp solution

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