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GPU clock & usage fluctuating

by kristalshards

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GPU clock & usage fluctuating

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So using MSI Afterburner to track temps, usage and FPS and I noticed the GPU usage and clock fluctuates a lot, for example the usage goes from 55% to 73%, then down to 65% and up to 70% and so on. The GPU clock goes from 1550MHz to 1634MHz, to 1690MHz then decreases again to 1540MHz. Keep in mind that these values are completely random, just giving you an example how it works. So I am wondering if this is normal to happen, the CPU seems to be more stable, staying at around 60-63% usage.


Laptop specs - Intel i7-8750H, GTX 1060 3GB and 8GB RAM single channel.

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Re: GPU clock & usage fluctuating

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Re: GPU clock & usage fluctuating

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It is based on the usage in the game at that time, and that is something that is always shifting. CPU clock changing is quite common and is tied to how hot and how much the game is using at that time. Is there something specific you are looking for? @kristalshards 


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Re: GPU clock & usage fluctuating

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I bought the game NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT 2  from the original page and the game does not work on the computer, throws it out of loading

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