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Re: GPU and CPU 100% could damage your computer

by racielarc

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GPU and CPU 100% could damage your computer

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I started playing yesterday and without a doubt the game I liked it a lot but I must stop playing it because of a big problem in the optimization of this game, my GPU and CPU reach 100%. The game runs great but the PC is being forced too.


Anyone knows that the intense use of the GPU and CPU to 100% ended up shortening its useful time and even damaging components by the heat generated in a prolonged time.

I was very excited to continue playing even win games, but I am sad to see people with this same problem and EA MODs are not pronounced to solve it, at least know that they are aware that this problem exists.


So, see you later, friends, I hope someday you can solve this and I will happily play Apex Legends



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Re: GPU and CPU 100% could damage your computer




If your GPU / CPU are maxing out that's not really a bad thing and will not shorten the lifespan of your components if cooled correctly.

If you want to lower the usage of your components i recommend to turn down some settings like filtering and raggdoll.


It also saw some posts that got solved after updating windows / disabling game bar and game mode.


Can you maybe say what themps you reach while playing apex?



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Re: GPU and CPU 100% could damage your computer

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I have used several configurations but I see that even from the menu the minimum that consumes are 40% of GPU, that is not acceptable is only interface.


Setting it as indicated by the best performance I could have was 70% of GPU (still is still a lot)

I could lower it to 40% (acceptable) but the characters were really bad, which makes it impossible to play. There are games such as skyrim that with the maximum configuration does not exceed 50%.


I feel it is a problem maybe compatibility because not all have this flaw.


video card: geforce gtx 1060 ddr5 6gb
Processor: amd 8350 fx
ram: 32 GB


But as I indicated, until I know that there really is a solution I will not be able to play again.

Here are some related threads where there was no concrete answer on how to solve this:


and there are many more

Thank you very much for answering.

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