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GAC Freezing

by spark92077

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GAC Freezing

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GAC keeps freezing after I defeat the same team. When I restart, the defeated team is back & the team I used is no longer available. Now I'm going to lose this round. Very frustrating! Can anything be done? 

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Re: GAC Freezing

Hi, @spark92077 


How's your internet connection at the time you get these glitches? Do you get connection time outs or any other errors when these glitches occur?


I don't work for EA. If a post solved your problem, please accept it as a solution and grant XP.

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Re: GAC Freezing

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Had the same issue and killed it and lost my team. Internet connection was perfect. Not sure why this happened but sucks because I lost this now

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Re: GAC Freezing

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Same here.  Its happening to a lot of people and EA is playing dumb.  


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Re: GAC Freezing

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I am sorry to hear that all of you had the same problem.


This is the usual behavior of the system. When the Attacker doesn’t respond, the System counts the used characters as already used and recovers the opponent characters.


This is because otherwise when one player recognizes he can’t win with the squad he selected, then he would just shutdown his WiFi, so that the game isn’t able to respond to the servers and that he can start from new with another, much better, squadron.


But I assume most of you just wanted to get at the same point back where they were forced to leave, what would also be better in my opinion.


If you are unaware of why the problem occurred the first time, then I would suggest to try those steps:


First uninstall the game, then check your WiFi connection and if it is working as intended (stable) then reinstall. After it reinstalled, it will try to download all assets, do not interrupt it (could take awhile).


I hope that I was able to assist you.



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