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Re: GA crashed while in battle

by Mjcamire

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GA crashed while in battle

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While i was in the beginning of my battle aganist a Shak Ti team, it froze on me and i lost the battle. As seen in the screen shot, i had to go in with another team which i would have won with my Geos. Now it is possible i could lose this GA because of that one match.

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Re: GA crashed while in battle

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Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:35:46 PM): Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Mohsin, may I start with your first name please?
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:35:52 PM): Michael
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:36:15 PM): Hey Michael. Pleasure to meet you. Hope you are doing great apart from the issue
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:36:23 PM): I can see you're contacting us regarding Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. So can you please elaborate your issue a little bit to me?
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:36:54 PM): Yes I was in a grand arena battle and the game froze affecting my score and ranking
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:37:13 PM): Ideally just that match is reset and the team I used is unlocked
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:38:29 PM): As a paying player, feel free to check my spending on the account, the rewards (gems and zetas) are very important to me
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:39:08 PM): I am sorry to hear you're facing such game freezing issues and I'll surely assist you with that.
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:39:37 PM): I am checking if there's any emerging issue like that.
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:39:54 PM): But there doesn't seem any.
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:39:58 PM): Thank you, the battle was my Darth Traya team against my opponents Geonosians
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:40:13 PM): May I  ask you a few questions so that i can look into it?
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:40:24 PM): Yes
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:40:35 PM): How often does it occur?
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:41:02 PM): This is probably the second time in years that it has happened during grand arena
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:42:14 PM): Okay. Everything seems to be working fine on our end. I would suggest you to clear the browser cache once and re-install the game as well. Also report it on forums since we're not seeing any reports for these.
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:43:04 PM): All of my other apps were working as expected and the internet connection was strong. It was definitely a game error
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:44:37 PM): I am sorry but as I mentioned that the game is working fine for the rest of the others. I've checked our known issue list and such issues has already been fixed back in Nov or dec updates.
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:45:48 PM): If you're still experiencing such issues then you can report it on our forums as there is more transparency there and our teams would directly be able to see if from there.
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:46:15 PM): I’m sorry Mohsin, but that doesn’t really meet my expectations. I’d like the match reopened or the gems and zeta fragments that I’ll miss out on as a result of this error
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:47:11 PM): This one’s tricky! It’s definitely like connecting the dots. The reason I say so is because the system won’t accommodate an overwrite. This is based on what was promised to players to maintain fairness in the game.
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:48:00 PM): And you can also understand that it's almost impossible to reopen a GAC match for a particular player.
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:49:06 PM): You must be able to see the error on my account?
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:50:17 PM): We can't validate the cause here on chat what caused you the disconnection. That's why I asked you to report it on forums so that our studios would directly be able to see if anybody else is facing the same.
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:51:18 PM): It would really be better customer service if you would resolve my issue
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:52:16 PM): I know that this won't be the answer you had been looking for but trust me had it been possible I would have surely done it for you even if it meant breaching my limitations or going beyond my ways as customer satisfaction what I am here for.
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:54:37 PM): Regretfully, I am dissatisfied with this outcome and will report my concerns with the game issue and ineffectiveness of customer service as it seems you are not empowered to resolve game issues
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:55:20 PM): I apologize for all the inconvenience it may caused you mate. Being a fellow gamer i can understand how frustrating it would be for you. If i could fix it from my end then i definitely would have done that for you.
Mohsin (2/3/2020, 8:56:12 PM): But currently I can only help you troubleshoot the issue to avoid this in future. It might have happened because of the cache files or several more reasons as well.
Mike (2/3/2020, 8:56:41 PM): Thank you for being courteous, I’m afraid the outcome simply doesn’t match my expectations, especially given my investment in the game
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